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HostUpon Overview

The first thing that a person might notice when he or she goes to HostUpon’s website is how much the company advertises as being unlimited. HostUpon really doesn’t like putting limits on itscustomers. It’s hard to express how much you’re getting for how little, and while it’s not perfect, there are certainly some amazing things being offered by HostUpon.

Ease of Use

“Ease of Use” is a tricky term when it comes to hosting providers since the majority of “use” is pretty straightforward and the server does most of the work once uploads and downloads have been taken off the table.. In this case, HostUpon has gone out of its way to make things really easy to do. Whether you’re looking at its Web hosting or its cloud servers, it’s remarkably simple to upload your data and integrate it with your system so that you can be sure that you’re getting the most out of what you’re paying for. You should be able to get up and running very quickly, get your data where it needs to be, and even create databases with no problems at all.


There are a number of different types of hosting that are provided by HostUpon.What’s shocking about it is that even their cheapest, most basic plan offers unlimited everything, storage, bandwidth, MySQL, and email accounts. VPS hosting is a little more expensive, but again, you’re looking at incredible prices for what’s being offered. Among the five possible plans, only one of them limits bandwidth to 100 gigs per month, the storage rates are really competitive, and you get no fewer than two dedicated IPs, three on the higher packages.

Cloud hosting again drops back to two plans, and yet again, what an incredible deal these are. It would be nice if there were a plan that offered more than 100 gigs of cloud storage, but for the price, this is remarkable, and the unlimited everything else speaks volumes for value.

Finally, we have the dedicated servers, which is where the money really goes. These plans are arguably best for people running medium to large businesses since they are super large and super powerful. The most basic plan caps its bandwidth at 10 terabytes a month, a number that most people or businesses will never reach. After that plan, they are all unlimited like so much else at HostUpon.

Customer Support

This company doesn’t do a lot to make it easy to contact them, which is highly disappointing since it’s usually a better sign when they invite contact, but they make up for it by providing plenty of resources that allow the average user to answer their own question with a simple search. HostUpon’s Knowledgebase is a well put together database of articles that are clear and easy to find and follow. They also have access to a number of tools including the company blog, a clearinghouse for most often needed downloads, video tutorials, an issue tracking page and several other things that make problems easier to solve. If none of that helps, you can still submit a support ticket.


The pricing is pretty astonishing. As of the writing of this review, HostUpon is running a summer sale, so all prices are lower by about $20 a month in the most expensive hosting options and a proportionate amount for the less expensive ones. That being said, even at full price these are pretty good. Starting with the The Starter web hosting, it is regularly $7.95 a month and includes unlimited everything, including a free domain for life and the ability to host as many domains as you would like. The Business Unlimited is $12.95 per month and includes everything in the earlier plan plus FFmpeg Video Modules for Social Networks.

VPS hosting runs anywhere from $49.95 a month for the basic package to $149.95 a month for the top one. The best value is $69.95 monthly for 50 gigs of space and unlimited bandwidth among other benefits.Cloud hosting is either $49.95 or $99.95 a month and the difference is 50 gigs of storage. Seems like not much, to be honest. Finally, dedicated servers start at $225 a month and go through four plans to $595 a month. The best plan for the money is DS200 at $325 a month for most businesses.

The Good

These prices are amazing for what you’re getting

The help ticket response is a few minutes or less


The Bad

The dedicated servers are far too much for most businesses to use

The Ugly

There aren’t a lot of advantages to getting the larger plans in most cases. The difference between price and provision just isn’t there.


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