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As an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau, InMotion proudly has an A+ rating, so you can be confident in your choice of a hosting provider. Add onto that great customer service and support, and there's no reason to look any further for a dependable and reliable hosting platform for your professional needs.

InMotion Hosting was founded back in 2001, and has since become a leader in the professional web hosting industry. As a Certified CNET Hosting Provider since 2003, it's no wonder that InMotion has received numerous awards and accolades for its service. Offering Shared, VPS, and Dedicated solutions, InMotion will have a hosting service that's perfect for you.


InMotion Hosting offers 3 packages that are suited for individuals and small businesses. The Power Package is the plan that offers services that are the most similar to other companies' 'basic' plans.

  Business Class Packages
  Launch Power Pro
1 Month Plan N/A N/A $9.49 + $40 Setup
6 Month Plan N/A N/A $7.99/month
12 Month Plan $3.99/month $4.99/month $7.49/month
24 Month Plan $3.49/month $4.49/month N/A

Money Back Guarantee

Like most other quality web hosting companies, InMotion offers a 90-day money-back guarantee on all 1 or 2-year Business Class or Virtual Dedicated packages. After that 90-day period, you may still cancel and get a prorated refund based on how much time is left on your plan. The following restrictions apply:

  • There is a $12.95 administrative fee if you wish to keep your domain name.
  • All setup fees are non-refundable.
  • If your bandwidth usage exceeds 500MB, you'll need to pay an amount proportionate to the transfer data you use.


  Business Class Packages
Package Specifications Launch Power Pro
Websites per Account 2 6 Unmetered
Solid-State Drive      
Domain Supported (Parked Domains) 6 26 Unmetered
Additional Sub Domains 25 100 Unmetered
Disk Space Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
Bandwidth Unmetered Unmetered Unmetered
Website Builder Premium Premium Premium
Free Domain Included      
Email Accounts      
Spam Safe Email      
E-Commerce Shopping Cart Integration Google Checkout OsCommerce, Cube Cart, Zen Cart and Google Checkout OsCommerce, Cube Cart, Zen Cart and Google Checkout
FTP Accounts 1000 2000 Unmetered
MySQL Databases 2 50 200
Shared SSL      
Money Back Guarantee 90-Day 90-Day 90-Day

In addition to these relatively standard specifications, InMotion's Power Package offers several add-ons and features that are designed to simplify your web building process. These features include regular data backups, free templates and an unrivaled range of applications that can be integrated into your hosting package. Located low-down in the control panel is the software/services section, which has a jam-packed Softaculous folder offering more CMS options, blog platforms, e-commerce applications and site builders than most of InMotion's competitors. InMotion also offered a range of website analytical tools directly in the control panel which is very helpful.

Ease of Use

Every InMotion package uses the cPanel control panel which is a relatively intuitive system. The cPanel's middle section looks similar to the vDeck control panel, which is used by some web hosts, but the left navigation shows critical statistics about your website such as the disk space used and the number of email accounts set up. It also has a dynamically generated Frequently Accessed section which provides you with links to the places you visit the most. As opposed to some other web hosts that keep email services separate from the cPanel, InMotion has integrated your email accounts directly into the cPanel for convenient access at all time.

Control Panel
Control Panel

I installed the WordPress application with a 1-page installation, and was pleased to the see blog go live so quickly.

Softaculous Installation Page
Softaculous Installation Page
InMotion's Web Builder
InMotion's Web Builder

I then attempted to set up an email for myself. InMotion's email setup was quick and easy, and although there was a tutorial about how to do it, I found that it was so straightforward that no additional assistance was required.

I emailed myself 5 minutes after I set up the email account and was pleased to see that the email account was already active and easy to access.

Customer Support

InMotion offers 24/7 technical support via phone and live chat. Sales support is available by phone from 8am-midnight EST Monday-Friday, and 10am-9pm Saturday-Sunday. Billing support is available from 8am-11pm EST Monday-Friday and 10am-7pm EST Saturday-Sunday. InMotion also offer email support and a help center with forums, user guides and hundreds of video tutorials that can answer most questions and guide you through the site building process.

I used lnMotion's live chat 6 times and, found the representatives to be exceptionally pleasant. There were two main differences between InMotion's live chat and the live chat of the other web hosts. Firstly, InMotion's live chat service informed me how many customers were online ahead of me. What was more impressive was that InMotion's chat service pinged me gently each time the representative responded. With this notification I was able to minimize the chat box and pursue other activities while waiting for a response. With other chat services I never knew when the response was coming and was forced to leave the chat box open or to check back repeatedly so as not to miss a response.


  •   90-day money-back guarantee
  •   99.9% uptime guarantee
  •   Offers you a choice of data centers so that your information transfer will be as fast as possible
  •   Offers a noticeably robust offering list of add-ons and applications to help make site building easy


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