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iPower Web Hosting Overview

When first going to the iPower website, some might feel somewhat bombarded by the amount of information on the page. The company wants to let potential users know exactly what is offered as quickly as possible and it is very difficult to get a handle on exactly what’s going on at first. However, patience makes it possible to tease apart all of the fonts and animated images to figure out what it’s trying to tell you and how to find out more information. Once the user figures out what they want to learn more about, they can start following a labyrinthine series of links to start hosting. Despite a few difficulties, iPower provides excellent service as a great price.


Ease of Use

Ease of use is the main point of needed improvement when it comes to iPower. There is a comparative pricing matrix, but it is hidden among the plans and only covers three possibilities. Rather, there are a number of different pages highlighted in a painful orange that lists what’s available, as well as another page for VPS plans with a slider that you can’t get back to the original page from and yet a different method for other types of hosting.

If you purchase a hosting plan, it is not that bad. It’s a standard cPanel interface that works quickly on iPower’s machines and makes it simple to update and change parts of your website.


For the most part, you get the standard suite of features that one might expect from a quality hosting service. Perhaps the best aspect is that there are times when the company puts it’s Pro plan on sale, meaning that you can actually get the mid-level plan for less than the basic starter plan.

Even without that, though, it is still worth the investment for the unique things on offer. A free domain name, for example, is basically worth the first couple of months of the plan. Moreover, a shopping site with 15 items can run more than the monthly fee alone with some hosts. It’s clear that iPower went to great lengths to think about ways to entice customers, and for people with particular needs this could be an excellent draw.

Customer Support

Customer Support is something that iPower clearly also put a lot of thought into. The company has made it possible to contact them a number of ways, including a simple online form, online chat, two different phone lines and a well-stocked knowledge base. It is all very impressive and well-conceived. This is on top of all of the support being 24/7, so users do not have to worry if something happens in the middle of the night.

iPower’s trained professionals are well-informed about their products and can answer questions quickly and professionally. Working with them is a pleasant experience; users should have no trouble at all receiving assistance.


Pricing is all over the board, but it all seems to be appropriate for the level and even remarkably low in some cases.

The shared plans are broken into three levels: Starter, Pro, and Pro Plus priced at $3.99, $9.99, and $11.99 a month respectively. However, the Pro plan is often put on sale for only $3.95 a month, putting it lower than the Starter.

The Starter has a storage cap of five gigabytes and 250 gigs of transfer bandwidth. That is enormous considering the price and it being an entry-level plan, but in subsequent plans those numbers are just made unlimited. The Starter plan only allows one domain, but again the higher-level ones become unlimited. About the only place this does not happen is with MySQL databases, email accounts (with the Pro plan offering 2,500 and the Pro Plus being unlimited), and shopping carts which increase incrementally.

Virtual Private Server plans are similarly reasonably priced, starting at $19.99 a month for one gig of RAM, 40 gigs of storage, and a terabyte of bandwidth and moving through 4 gigs/90 gigs/3 terabytes at $47.99 a month for the Business plan and 8/120/4 at $79.99 a month for the Optimum plan. These are all incredible considering what is offered.

Finally, dedicated servers start as low as $119.99 a month for four gigs of RAM, 500 gigs of storage, and five terabytes of bandwidth for the standard plan, then moving up to $151.99 for 8/1000/10 on the Enhanced plan and $191.99 for the Premium plan that had 16 gigs RAM, 1000 gigs storage, and 15 TB of bandwidth.

These prices are all amazing and combined with solid technology and great customer service, makes it more than worth trying.

The Good

The prices are absolutely astounding, giving a lot for a little

The hosting plans are highly equipped

The Bad

Could use more shopping carts on the Pro plan

And The Ugly

iPower’s website is aggressive and difficult to navigate



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