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Lunarpages Overview

Lunarpages is one of the biggest hosting companies on the planet. A look at their clientele list shows the names of some the leaders in their fields: Sheraton, Sony, Motorola, Lockheed Martin, GM, NBC and Nissan. This alone shows the reputation and trust that Lunarpages has among its customers. Lunarpages offers more than just share hosting of websites. For example, they include cloud hosting of specific applications and services like MS Exchange hosting, email and media. They also give a complete hosting solution for small and medium businesses that have complex web processes and needs.

Ease of Use

When it comes to hosting on Lunarpages, skill levels aren’t really relevant. A beginner can create a fully functional website with extreme ease, while an advanced user can ask for, and will get, more control for a little extra fee if they prefer to do some tweaking. To simplify web designing, Lunarpages offers more than 500 unique, non-generic templates to its clients. They vary from those that can be used to make a simple web page to those that can be used on corporate websites. This combination of ease of use and the ability to create sites that are comparable (in looks and functionality) with those that belong to companies like Nissan and Sony, is truly exhilarating.


At Lunarpages, disk space starts at 5GB for the basic “Starter Hosting”. All the other hosting plans offer unlimited disk space with the exceptions of “Business Premium Hosting” and “Business Advantage Hosting” which offer 20 GB and 40 GB of disk space respectively. Again, except for the basic “Starter Hosting” plan, customers can also add an unlimited amount of domains to their plan. It should be remembered that although there are basic starting disk space allocations, Lunarpages brings to the table webhosting that is easily scalable. If you think you have too little space, you can increase it, and if too much, you can move to a smaller hosting plan.

Among the technology that is supported on Lunarpages’ Linux hosting plans are the likes of Ruby on Rails, PHP, Perl and Python support. Lunarpages’ Quicksite is a web design tool that enables webmasters to create and launch their sites in less than 2 hours. The tool integrates the use of the more than 500 unique website templates, instant email set up, addition and configuration of any additional modules – from blogs to shopping carts – with just a few button-clicks.

Developmental assistance is made available to webmasters in the form of Lunarpages’ support staff whenever they need it, thus making it easy for any customer to design, upload, customize and launch their own website. This saves time wasted on developing the site and money paid to web developers. Being one of the better hosting solution providers, Lunarpages offers webmasters Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. The company partners with BrightWire Media, an SEO company with over 12 years’ experience, to offer its customers the complete internet marketing solution that includes conversion optimization and social media branding. What’s more, Lunarpages gives each webmaster $25 credit towards Facebook ads.

Lunarpages also makes sure that its customers get the best by way of ecommerce capabilities by using Express Merchant Processing Solutions powered by First Data. This gives stores hosted on Lunarpages commercial capabilities that reek of professionalism and, ultimately, a smooth and secure customer experience. Payments can be accepted from all major credit cards and even some lesser known ones. Cash flow is highly improved by allowing receipt of funds from a bank of choice – something really unique – and then, of course, there are reports and accounting data that can be easily extracted and analyzed.

Customer Support

Support at Lunarpages is nothing fancy. On the contrary, it is pretty straight forward. The company offers the standard ticket submission, email, chat and phone support options 24/7. There is the additional option of webmasters being able to browse through the company’s “Lunarpages Wiki” or even chat with other clients and support staff via a forum.


There are 6 hosting plans offered by Lunarpages: “Starter Hosting”, “Basic Hosting”, “Windows Hosting”, “Business Premium Hosting”, “Business Advantage Hosting” and “Business Enterprise Hosting”. The prices start from $3.95 and go all the way up to $64.95 per month. As mentioned earlier, there are differences in the amount of space allotted with each plan, with pricier plans having unlimited space.

The Good

Used by major corporations such as Sony, Motorola and Nissan


The Bad

Customer support is basic, which could be problematic for first time users

The Ugly

It would be great if the Basic hosting option allotted more space


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