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MidPhase Overview

As you visit Midphase Hosting Services’ website make sure you keep your eyes open for coupons. If you finally decide to sign up, apply the coupons and you could save up to 30% on your costs. With the already amazingly low prices Midphase offers, you might end up owning a site for almost nothing. It’s clear and uncomplicated hosting plans are a perk in themselves. There are also just two: Personal Web Hosting and Business Web Hosting.  With a good understanding of what you want to do with your website and the size it will be, you can compare the specifications and features of both plans and just go with the one that closest meets your demands.


Ease of Use

Between building your site using an easy-to-use tool and being able to control and configure it using the world’s most popular control panel, cPanel, you can rest assured that day-to-day issues with this hosting provider will be at a minimum.


Midphase Hosting Services has its own website building tool, aptly named, Website Builder. It is a pretty straight-forward and easy to use tool that allows you to create simple sites with a few pages or more complex websites that any big corporation would be proud of. Throw in a couple of hundred templates and you have a masterpiece on your hands.

There was a time when all the domain names you could get your hands on were limited to .com, net, .info, .edu and .org. You would have to somehow be happy with those Top Level Domains (TLD’s).

Not anymore. Do you own a coffee shop? Midphase Hosting Services offers you the .coffee TLD. Own a club? How about .club? Do you want to go international? Then choose the TLD .international. Your new name will ensure that your site address is not easily forgotten. If you come up with a good combination, it could serve as a cunning marketing tool, so take some time and choose wisely. Both Midphase hosting plans come ready to be used for ecommerce. With the web design tool, you can create your website and start selling goods within a couple of hours. Your store will be able to accept PayPal payments; you will have security and an uptime guarantee.

Customer Support

Midphase Hosting Services has 24/7 support that its clients can truly rely on. You can contact the support team at any time via email, telephone or live chat. Then there is the knowledgebase. Like most knowledgebase tools, it is filled with instructions and information to help you get around any issue, from how to contact support, all the way to tinkering with your server. But, one thing that makes the knowledgebase at Midphase Hosting Services different than others is the collection of helpful links that are grouped under “Most Popular Articles”. There is a high chance that you don’t even need to go searching for a solution to your problem all over the knowledgebase. If it is a problem that everyone faces, you will probably find it right there at the top.


Prices at Midphase Hosting Services are pretty awesome. For the Personal Web Hosting plan, all you need to pay is $2.95 per month. Granted, you will have to sign up for 3 years. For the Business Web Hosting plan, you only pay $7.95.

When you compare both plans you will see that almost everything is the same: unlimited disk space and bandwidth, all the feature that you need to run a successful website. The only difference is that with the Business Web Hosting Plan, you get extra tools to make your business a successful one: anti-spam protection, a static IP address, an SSL certificate and State 2 Web Analytics. If you think you need more, you should have a look at Midphase’s Cloud Hosting prices, too.

The Good

Awesome standard pricing and frequent coupon deals

The Bad

The 3-year contract could be a bit steep for some

The Ugly




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