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Mochahost Overview

MochaHost isn’t just interested in getting your business; they’re interested in keeping your business. Thus, the slew of Lifetime discounts and guarantees it offers to ensure a long-term relationship is building between itself and its customers. Established in 2002, MochaHost maintains more than one million domains from its headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley. That’s a lot of relationships to maintain, but it seems to be working, as MochaHost provides hosting solutions for Linux and Windows that are widely used by small offices/home office environments, small and large businesses and eCommerce sites around the world. MocaHost also provides tons of support for numerous platforms, scripts, apps and databases, so it certainly isn’t lacking in the breadth of its services.

Ease of Use

MochaHost provides a wealth of information on its website, which is undeniably busy and loud thanks to brightly colored fonts, dazzling graphics and other selling points that seem to scream out to the user “Look at me!”. Once your eyes adjust to the noise, you can see that MochaHost tries to cater to everyone’s needs; offering multiple hosting plans for seemingly every user niche in existence. The website building tool is a third-party app from Parallels that is straightforward, and simple to navigate. Beginners should have little trouble constructing a website and choosing from more than 500 template designs.

The hosting solutions will only be as complicated as a web developer will allow them to be. There are too many add-ons to mention, and this can feel a bit overwhelming for someone who is not seasoned in the web development business. Experienced web developers are recommended for a web hosting solution such as MochaHost, and most people can probably arrive at that conclusion simply by visiting the website and taking in all of the web-specific content listed on the pages. But for a web developer that knows what they’re doing and is up to speed on the latest technology, it will probably come as a relief that they can refer to one page to see what ASP.NET framework is supported or what the limit is on MySQL databases.


For Windows Hosting solutions, MochaHost provides a mind-numbingly comprehensive list of features at bargain prices that will make any web developer shriek with joy. The LifeTime Discount allows you to receive 30-50% off your plan for the entire time you are with MochaHost. There are no introductory rates that go up after 60-90 days, as you might find with other web hosting solutions. Furthermore, you get 1 LifeTime free domain for Business and Mocha package plans, so the benefits start to pay off quickly. A lot of unlimited features include monthly traffic, disk space, Email accounts, subdomains and number of sites hosted (Soho package allows 1 site).

Other features included at no extra cost include shopping cart, blog (WordPress) and 128-bit Shared SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protection for your site(s). All plans receive the free WebsitePanel control panel, which works as the centralized management location for your site hosting. The free site builder provides a simple method to create your website, blog or photo gallery if you haven’t already got one built. It includes more than 500 designs that range from personal- to business- themed. You also get free promotion credits from Google AdWords, a 100% uptime guarantee, online backups and 24/7 server and networking monitoring.

Customer Support

As hosting solutions go, MochaHost provides above-average customer support resources and seems to provide a steady stream of updated content to its support portal to help its customers. There is the ever-present knowledge-base article database, which allows you to type in the keywords and phrases for your support query. A trouble ticket is an online form that you fill out to be sent to a technical support representative, but whether or not that will be received and dealt with on a 24/7 basis is not quite clear. There is a Live Chat 24/7 option available, which requires login, but can be a quick and easy method for getting your issues resolved without picking up a phone, or sifting through knowledge base articles.


Soho – $2.48/month for 1 site, unlimited monthly traffic, unlimited disk space, unlimited Email accounts and FTP accounts. 200MB site allocation.

Business – $3.98/month for unlimited sites, 1 LifeTime free domain, unlimited monthly traffic, unlimited disk space, unlimited Email accounts and FTP accounts. 300MB site allocation.

Mocha – $8.37/month for unlimited sites, 1 LifeTime free domain, unlimited monthly traffic, unlimited disk space, unlimited Email accounts and FTP accounts. 500MB site allocation.

The Good

180 days risk-free hosting allows you to ensure that you’ve chosen the right hosting solution

LifeTime discounts provide significant savings that prevent price spikes from occurring

The Bad

The hosting service is reserved for those that are well-versed in the web development arena

The Ugly

Hosting plans are not well organized on the website — too much information to wade through


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