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Peer1 Overview

Peer1 is the hosting choice for over 13,000 customers and currently owns a whopping 20,000 dedicated servers. Peer 1’s global presence is especially impressive – 16 data centers and 20 networks points of presence – which gives webmasters the confidence that their sites will never go down. And that is what Peer 1 guarantees: 0% downtime. Peer 1 Hosting, as an advanced hosting solution provider, focuses primarily on managed hosting, co-location, cloud hosting and network services, no matter how big or small its clients’ sites are. The company offers webmasters 10 Gbps Fast Fiber Network, ensuring unbelievably speedy content and service delivery times.

Ease of Use

Peer1 has hosting solutions that give peace of mind to webmasters. Its managed solutions allow webmasters to simply “deploy and forget” their sites, which means that the management and monitoring can all be left to be done by Peer 1 staff. In fact, when it comes to the expertise required by webmasters, it is probably a good idea to opt for the managed hosting solutions. That is, of course, unless you are 100% sure that you have the knowhow to tinker around with servers. In that case, you can opt for more control: Peer 1 gives its clients 100% root access. Beginners can feel comfortable letting Peer 1 worry about the inner workings.


At Peer1, disk space is allotted as per the clients’ requirements. Simply put, there are no limits. The beauty about hosting on cloud servers is the ease in scalability, be it upwards or downwards. What you might find quite amazing is the fact that as a customer, you will not need to worry about running your WordPress blog on Peer 1’s servers. Why? Simple: WordPress itself uses Peer 1 as its hosting provider. So, your WordPress site, and everything that can be plugged into it, is guaranteed to run well.

Peer1 Features

Peer1 looks like it is quite serious about clients looking specifically for ecommerce solutions. The company has a range of solutions that cater to everything from starter stores all the way up to major retailers. Everything from applications to servers and operating systems can be customized to ensure a safe, secure and fast shopping experience.

Customer Support

At Peer1, there is a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that makes sure all clients get the support that they need and demand. Named the “First Call Promise,” it is the type of support where the Support Team doesn’t stop working on your problems until all issues have been resolved. Peer 1 Hosting guarantees that all it takes is just one telephone call – and that’s it. Peer 1 vows to work on the problem without you having to follow-up or go any further out of your way. If for some reason things still don’t work out, Peer 1 guarantees that unsatisfied clients get their money back. The Support Team can be contacted via email, issuing a ticket online or by making a telephone call.


The Peer1 website contains detailed explanations on how each hosting solution works and the advantages they each bring to customers, but pricing information is not given. The only option available is to contact the company directly. Peer 1 does make recommendations and explain how things might work and even go so far as recommending improvements on your plan. This helps in making sure that clients gets the best of everything, but doesn’t quite cure the payment curiosity.

The Good

No downtime guarantee is backed by servers all over the world


The Bad

There is no clear cut pricing table for customers to see

The Ugly

The customer support structure could lead to your respective issue being backlogged


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