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Rackalley Overview

Rack Alley offers a range of professional internet services to individuals, small business owners and big corporations, globally. Their main services include dedicated server hosting, server colocation and cloud hosting. Based in Los Angeles, Rack Alley provides high-level hosting performance and professional Internet services that help end-users and businesses compete and succeed in today’s online marketplace. With such a large concentration of businesses on the U.S. West Coast and Pacific Rim, Rack Alley strategically focuses on providing customers in that geographical area with hosting and colocation services with exceptional Internet services and unparalleled customer service. Rack Alley offers flexibility and scalability in their cloud solutions and dedicated server solutions, while providing high-end management tools and add-ons that can be tailored to suit businesses of any size.

Ease of Use

Rack Alley’s Dedicated Solutions provides customers with the highest performance from Dell and HP servers that require no white boxes and include migration and setup assistance. The level of customer assistance that Rack Alley strives to provide to its customers is what truly makes them stand out from many other dedicated hosting solutions available today. 24/7/365 customer service comes as part of your plan, so it’s not a privilege that you pay extra for. Rack Alley’s real-time hardware and service monitoring allows you some added peace of mind; knowing that the reliability of their services is ensured through due diligence and the use of high-quality components that are being well-monitored.

Whether it’s Linux or Windows servers you seek, Rack Alley’s premium server equipment is coupled with affordable pricing plans, valuable add-ons and ample bandwidth for the most demanding hosting scenarios. Rack Alley’s Dedicated server solutions provide for an easy migration and setup for those customers that are concerned about how their smoothly that process will go. Trained customer service staff are very helpful and accessible around the clock to help. Furthermore, friendly service is another welcome characteristic that Rack Alley encourages from their customer support staff. Live chat services are available on the Rack Alley website to you before you even sign up. If you have any questions about the services they provide, or even your own existing hosting situation, you can speak in depth with representatives via Rack Alley’s Live Chat feature.


Rack Alley uses INTERNAP as their primary blended provider solution, which basically searches every 45 seconds for the fastest possible data route over 9 carriers. This proprietary technology works tirelessly and seamlessly to procure the quickest routes for everyone in your daily working environment to access and communicate quickly and effectively. Employees, clients and people in your supply chain are essentially secured a reliable and speedy connection to the key data and systems that a successful business requires during their daily operations.

Rack Alley also employs redundant, high-speed connections for added reliability along with the intelligent route control technology that dynamically provides the most optimal data delivery paths available. Their Service Level Agreement provides a 100 percent uptime guarantee and access to certified network engineers in addition to high-performance IP standards that boast 100% network availability, less than 45 milliseconds latency, less than .3% packet loss and less than 0.5 millisecond jitter.

Customer Support

Rack Alley places a strong emphasis on their customer service, which is an essential factor for many customers that require an open line of communication with their hosting provider. Rack Alley seems to understand that a good working relationship with its customers depends upon strong customer service, and provides effective channels through which information can be shared, and issues can be resolved. No two companies are alike, and customizing a hosting solution for each customer is key to developing a positive experience. To that end, Rack Ally offer 24/7 on-site technical support and installation of equipment. Their support staff is available 24/7 to ensure assistance is never far away, and a secure client area on their website provides faster response times if you would prefer to submit a support ticket. Their sales team can be contacted Mon-Fri between 9am-6pm (PST).


Dedicated Server for Linux/Windows pricing plans are listed below.

Dedicated Package 0 – $79.99/month for a Dell-branded server with 1 XEON 2.66 CPU, 2GB ECC Memory, (1) 250GB SATAII HDD, 100MBPS Port, 5000G bandwidth.

Dedicated Package 1 – $99.99/month for a Dell-branded server with 2 XEON 2.66 CPUs, 4GB ECC Memory, (2) 250GB SATAII HDD, 100MBPS Port, 5000G bandwidth.

Dedicated Package 2 – $149.99/month for a Dell-branded server with 1 XEON 3.06 CPU, 8GB ECC Memory, (3) 73GB SAS 10,000RPM HDD, 100MBPS Port, 8000G bandwidth.

Dedicated Package 3 – $199.99/month for a Dell-branded server with 1 XEON 2.66 QUAD CORE CPU, 16GB ECC Memory, (3) 146GB SAS 10,000RPM HDD, 100MBPS Port, 8000G bandwidth.

Dedicated Package 4 – $249.99/month for a Dell-branded server with 2 XEON 2.66 CPUs, 32GB ECC Memory, (3) 146GB SAS 10,000RPM HDD, 100MBPS Port, 8000G bandwidth.

The Good

Affordability and flexibility for dedicated server hosting should be appealing to businesses of any size.

Customer support-driven service is their trademark, as evidenced by their on-site technical support.

The Bad

Despite claiming to be a good solution for individuals, it’s not really meant for the average end-user.

The Ugly

Beginners, beware. This dedicated server solution is not intended for those with even an intermediate-level understanding of hosting fundamentals.


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