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Servint Overview

ServInt has been in the hosting business since 1995, and has evolved over the years to increase the breadth of its customer base with services that ensure speed, reliability and scalability. The breadth of its product line is undoubtedly one of the reasons behind its continued success, offering: Flex VPS, a fully managed dedicated server; Flex Dedicated, combining dedicated servers with configurable cloud features; Bare Metal Servers, a dedicated server without virtualization layer and a choice of OS, and; Auto-Scaling Cloud, a cloud hosting solution that supports Java and PHP. ServInt also provides enterprise-grade web hosting solutions that are focused on providing you with the best available tools and services to help your website and your business flourish.

Ease of Use

The process of choosing a particular web hosting solution from ServInt reveals the variety of solutions they offer. Each solution provides excellent background information that will help any customer determine the best solution for their particular business. While ServInt does not offer a Shared Hosting solution, they do offer a valid explanation for why that is. Essentially, a server that hosts multiple websites typically cannot handle the memory and bandwidth requirements for large, demanding websites. Performance and delivery issues can occur in many instances, as well as data security and integrity concerns.

Instead, ServInt provides Virtual Private Server Hosting (VPS), Cloud Hosting, and Virtual/Dedicated Hybrid Servers for the purposes of web hosting. What customers get with VPS, rather than shared hosting, is an increased amount of control over hardware resources, available software applications and access. Additionally, you have the benefit of a managed service so the configuration, troubleshooting and maintenance (e.g. installing OS patches, third-party software) is left to the web host. ServInet offers two lines of VPS servers: SolidFire SSD VPS and Flex VPS. Conveniently for those who choose either of these solutions, they both include a handy feature called SimpleScale, which allows for a smooth migration.


Flex VPS provides the choice between CentOS 6 or Ubuntu 12.04 operating systems. But regardless of which OS you choose, you get a lot of features that ensure stability, availability and scalability. ServInt’s virtual private servers offer uptime statistics since 1995 of 99.99953%. Their enterprise-class hardware is comprised of Dell servers that feature Dual Quad Core Intel Xeon CPUs. Free, nightly backups and a zero-downtime policy thanks to the ability to hot-swap drives in the event of hard drive failure should be enough to keep you from worrying about the availability of your data. It’s a bonus that any VPS solution entitles you to unlimited domains and user accounts, free cPanel/WHM, 24/7 customer support, guaranteed SLA, and proactive server monitoring.

VPS hosts all include guaranteed RAM provisioning and a solemn promise from ServInt that they never oversell. The SimpleScale server virtualization system ensures immediate scalability, and controls the increase and decrease of RAM and disk space depending on demand.

Customer Support

ServInt’s concerted effort in providing enterprise-class products and services doesn’t stop once you’ve signed up for a particular service package. For first-timers or seasoned veterans with multiple websites, customer service should be there when you need it. With quick response times and helpful assistance at all hours of the day, your customers will praise you, and judging by the response of their customers, ServInt exceeds expectations in that department. Their pre-sales support provides detailed responses to commonly asked questions, and a convenient and time-saving compatibility check to determine the hardware and software requirements of your business. The list of customer service features is staggering. You receive hands-on installation support, custom software installations, SSL certificate setup and domain registration upon your request. Their staff’s Turn-up Support can also perform product platform testing and provide you with account configuration tutorials to get you up to speed.

ServInt knows how critical a relationship between their customers truly is to the success of both parties, so they do go the extra mile to ensure that your concerns and issues are addressed before they happen, and do everything they can to resolve any issues that may come up thereafter.


Essential VPS – $49/month for 60GB storage, 1.5GB guaranteed RAM, 4 IP addresses, Hardware RAID 10, unmetered bandwidth, free cPanel/WHM and free daily, off-server backups.

Essential+ VPS – $59/month for 65GB storage, 2GB guaranteed RAM, 4 IP addresses, Hardware RAID 10, unmetered bandwidth, free cPanel/WHM and free daily, off-server backups.

Signature VPS – $89/month for 90GB storage, 4GB guaranteed RAM, 4 IP addresses, Hardware RAID 10, unmetered bandwidth, free cPanel/WHM and free daily, off-server backups.

Ultimate VPS – $129/month for 120GB storage, 6GB guaranteed RAM, 4 IP addresses, Hardware RAID 10, unmetered bandwidth, free cPanel/WHM and free daily, off-server backups.

The Good

Stellar pre-sales and continuing customer service for all VPS packages.

Great value to be found with both VPS and dedicated server packages.

The Bad

The lack of a Shared Hosting plan might eliminate some potential customers that are looking for a less-expensive solution than the dedicated options available.

The Ugly

Some might be dissatisfied that no online chat feature is available for the premium services such as ServInt offers.


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