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TruePath Overview

TruePath is a unique locus designed specifically for Christians looking for a web hosting provider. Aside from these messages, the first thing that is highly noticeable when you go to the TruePath website is that the prices of the hosting plans are right there in front of you. This is a refreshing change from a lot of places that make you jump through hoops to find out what they are going to charge you for hosting. This shows that the company wants to be honest with you and that it’s letting you know up front what to expect. Another notable feature of the website is that under the hosting tab on the website, it also compares their services to other comparable services, showing what they offer and what other hosting services offer.

Ease of Use

No matter who is using TruePath, it gives the person options that are best for them when they are creating their website. There are SiteBuilder, WordPress, Joomla, and DreamWeaver, from the easiest to the hardest options. The SiteBuilder is the option best for those who are completely new to building websites, followed by WordPress, while Joomla and DreamWeaver are the ones that are made for the seasoned builders. The website itself is very easy to navigate and gives you a good idea of what makes TruePath different from other hosting companies. One thing that really stands out is the statuses of the servers that are right on the front page. This helps visitors and customers alike know what is going on with the servers and if there is a problem.


Among the best features that TruePath offers is that it provides the prices of the hosting right on the front page. There are a lot of hosting companies which tend to hide their prices or may not be completely honest about what they are going to charge. But the prices and what is included with the plans are right there on the front page when you visit the website.

Another feature that is enjoyable about the TruePath website is that it’s up front about what the status of is of its servers. This helps customers and visitors alike to know what is going on and also tells them what to expect. There is also news that are on the front page, letting people know what has happened recently with the servers and when it was resolved. Along with the different options for building websites, for people who are new to building and for those who are seasoned builders, the features that they offer are amazing.

Customer Support

The great customer service that TruePath offers to its customers starts by the fact that it’s open with the prices and the other information about its servers. This is important and can be as important as providing ways to contact the company. But their customer service doesn’t stop there. They provide their customers with a live chat option to talk to someone when they have a problem with their service or when they have a question. Another option that they have is a phone number to call, and a form on the website that can be used to contact the company with.


TruePath has three different website hosting plans that they offer:

Genesis – This plan offers 3GB Storage, 5GB transfer per month, and 10 emails for $4.95 a month.

Complete – This plan offers 10GB Storage, 50GB transfer per month, and 2,000 emails for $8.95 a month.

Power – This plan offers 20GB Storage, 75GB transfer per month, and 2,000 emails for $15.95 a month.

Premier – This plan offers 30GB Storage, 100GB transfer per month, and 2,000 emails for $22.95 a month.

The Good

The company is very up front with the prices that it charges.

The company provides the information about the status of its servers and news about when the servers were down


The Bad

The number to call for customer service doesn’t look as if it’s a toll free number, which can be expensive based on where you live

The Ugly

Might intimidate those who are not of the Christian faith


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