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Verio Overview

If you are looking for a complete web hosting solution on a corporate scale, then Verio is your best choice. Although they do cater to “the little guy”, with a personal blog, Verio’s amazing selection of additional features would be totally wasted under small-scale initiatives. Therefore, the customers that would ideally gain from hosting with Verio would be those that are in the range from small to large businesses and upwards. Apart from hosting solutions, Verio offers a complete website management solution. Businesses and companies that opt to have a website, but don’t have the expertise, or don’t want to be bothered with the hassle of running an IT department, can find an able support team at Verio.

Ease of Use

Verio uses Easy Site as its website design tool of choice. This amazing tool allows webmasters to design sites without any knowledge of HTML, configuration of software or programming skills. All the webmaster needs to know is where to click or drag-and-drop. The tool offers the webmaster a selection of templates that can match most individual or business’ taste or theme. What is even more amazing is that the tool doesn’t just create static, boring pages, but rather ones with galleries for photos and videos, and even allows the webmaster to create Flash-based movies.


When you buy a domain name using Verio, you will get some freebies that will let you put your purchase to use immediately. For example: Free domain locking, a 3-page hosting site, a free email using the new domain name, spam and virus protection, Easy-Site web design tool and 24/7 customer support.

Verio has a separate team that works to specifically make your site more visible. If you need help with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Verio has the people for you. Once the company knows what you need, you will be able to proceed in tandem. The same goes for social media marketing. Keep in mind these services apply not only on your normal websites, but also on mobile websites.


When it comes to ecommerce hosting solutions, Verio is by far a leader in the game. Webmasters that want to build and run their stores would really find it hard to get a better hosting company. Just look at the features you get when you sign up for the ecommerce hosting plan: Your website is designed for free and you get marketing tools thrown in for free, as well. Moreover, you get a browser-based shopping cart that allows for easy configuration and management of your store. All pages are created in duplicated mobile-compatible versions and you have a powerful inventory control software so that you know what you have in stock and what you’ve sold out of. Finally, you’ll have access to a payment gateway provider to allow you to accept payments using any of the major credit cards (PayPal included) so that you can transfer money to and from your bank account.

Customer Support

When you visit Verio’s customer support page, you’ll likely get the feeling that one way or another, you’re going to find the answer to your question. The links on the site lead you further onto its knowledgebase and also offers a place where you can chat to the support staff. Demo videos are available should you need visual aids to better understand how to solve issues. Apart from that, you can email Verio support or raise a ticket, as usual.


One surprising thing about purchasing hosting from Verio is that the price for hosting on Linux servers and Windows servers is the same – $9.95 / month. All features that are available on the Linux hosting plans are also replicated on the Windows plans. All plans come with almost identical basic features and unlimited disk space. The main difference is in the bandwidth permitted – 6 TB, 8 TB and 12 TB – and the number of email accounts available – 100, 250 and 500 – for the Basic, Enhanced and Premium hosting plans, respectively.

The Good

You have plenty of access to features no matter if you opt for Linux or Windows servers


The Bad

Features might be too expansive for those looking to host small maintenance websites.

The Ugly

Couldn’t find anything too ugly about Verio


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