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4 Ways Your Website Could Benefit From Guest Blogging

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As a business website owner, you probably lose a fair amount of sleep ensuring your site helps push up your profit margins. Optimizing ecommerce and landing pages is a must, but once you’ve done that, what else can you do? Believe it or not, guest blogging can be a huge driver of profit when done well, and if you put the right balance of resources behind developing great blog content, you’d be amazed at what your site could accomplish.

What is Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is when a company or site owner hires guest writers to contribute blog posts or articles for their owned website. Just the same, you or anyone working for you could write posts and articles to be posted on someone else’s website.

The other website will, of course, have something in common with you and your business. If, for example, you’re a small business that sells web hosting packages, you could write a post about how your packages could meet the demands of people who opt for a certain kind of programming language when they have their sites developed and post it on websites that belong to web designing companies.

People who visit the designers’ sites will see your posts and will, if they’re in the market, (or out of sheer curiosity due to a well-written post), click on the link you have included in your post, leading back to your business’ website. If you have a great landing page, you can then convert the visitors into becoming paying customers.

With a little online search, you shouldn’t find it too difficult to find businesses (especially in your field of sales) that are willing to accept your posts. After all, they get something out of it, too: if the posts are well written and come out on a regular basis, it helps with boosting their blog’s number of posts (which is also good for SEO) and it increases their readership and following. It may even turn into a paying gig, helping increase your profits right off the bat.

What are your Advantages?

Embarking on guest blogging gives you several advantages:

1. Get Your Name Out There

If you happen to get lucky and strike a deal with a larger and more well-established business, you will have your business’ name and products exposed to more eyes than simply publishing to your own website.

2. Earn Credibility

Being associated with a business that has already established itself can help boost your credibility. Readers that trust a big brand name will associate that trustworthiness to you and the company you represent. That’ll earn you big points, and may even create a few sales along the way.

3. Gain More Traffic

Start harvesting this brand’s traffic! If the call-to-action in your blog post is convincing enough, you should see an increase in the number of people coming over to buy your goods and services.

4. Boost Your Own SEO

When other well-established websites vouch for you by linking to your site or hosting your content, you get major search engine optimization (SEO) points from Google and other major search engines. Avoid sending random links to other companies or posting your own random links – this is often punished by Google, who perceives these actions as malicious and spammy. Also, be sure you’re in the same or similar industries. Entertainment links hosted on a web security blog, for instance, might hurt SEO rankings.

Should You Accept Guest Bloggers?

Guest blogging isn’t usually a one-way deal. You can accept posts and articles from writers who produce quality content relevant to your business. Apart from increasing the number of posts on your blog and ensuring that it’s updated on a regular basis (helping your SEO rankings increase), blogging could help you establish your brand as a go-to authoritative source in your industry.

And, so, if you haven’t started guest blogging, be advised: you should start! You have a lot to gain as someone who published guests posts and as someone who contributes. It’s a win-win.


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