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6 Advantages of Social Media Marketing for Your Business

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Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have become incredibly powerful marketing tools. Businesses everywhere know the massive benefits of quick access to people from all over the world, offering an online marketplace ripe for their marketing pitches. If you haven’t been using social media to do business yet, then it’s time for you to start!

Before we delve into how social media marketing (SMM) can help your business, let us take some time to see what it involves.

What is Social Media Marketing?

SMM is the process of using the various social media platforms out there to send out messages and posts that tell the world about your business. This is done by:

  • Sharing content that is related to your goods or services
  • Letting people see what you have to offer by posting images, videos, and other media
  • Creating online communities (like Facebook groups and Twitter chats) that bring people together
  • Communicating directly with your consumers and clients
  • Organizing online events to attract more customers

The general idea here is that you will take to the Internet to meet people and introduce them to your goods and services. You should be warned, though, it is not a one-time job and it won’t be easy. You will need to keep going at it for as long as your business exists. But don’t worry, it’ll get easier and easier over time, bringing in greater return with fewer resources.

What are the advantages of SMM?

If done with full gusto and consistency, your SMM campaign should lead to a more prosperous business. Don’t take our word for it – it is a proven fact that social media marketing does work. There is a whole industry built around SMM and that is often a sign of a booming trade. Besides, why shouldn’t there be such a trade when the advantages are obvious?

Here’s what happens when you begin marketing on social media.

1. You create awareness.

You can use social media platforms to create awareness about your products and services. Posting Facebook articles that talk about what you have to offer your clients will help in attracting more customers. If they’re really good, your followers will like and share your content. This helps get your business to appear in front of even more eyes.

2. Online branding helps you.

Establishing your brand online in relation to your products and services is important if you want the world to know who you are. Your business’ logo should be pushed into the digital world – far and wide. You should keep hammering your social media followers with your brand image until it is seared in the back of their brains. The next time they are looking for your goods and services, your business’ logo should be the first image that pops into their head.

3. You open communication channels.

People love businesses that interact with them on a personal level. When you take time to answer posts and tweets, you create loyalty that can last forever. Your clients and customers will appreciate that you appreciate them, while new clients will be impressed by the personal service they are getting. This, to them, is a sign of a good future and customer service.

4. Feedback comes easy.

Opening a communication channel is one thing, but you should know the traffic is going to be two-way. The people you are talking online with will have an opinion about what you have to offer. You will need to listen carefully to what they say and address any issues they may report to you. At the very least, tell them you are seriously considering it and that you will get back to them – and then do it. Don’t leave clients hanging.

5. Get leads back to your website.

The people that arrive on your social media page or profile can be driven toward your proper ecommerce website. Strategically placing a link in your post or tweet will help lead the traffic there. Of course, you will need to be smart about where you place it. Also, the message or content should make them want to click on it.

Once they are on your website, you should have a landing page that will convert them into customers. In other words, your landing page should be convincing enough to close the deal.

6. Improved SEO.

Don’t be too worried if you can’t convert all the clients that arrive on your website, though. The increase in traffic and the length of time your visitors stay on your page will also increase your SEO ranking with search engines like Google. This means your pages will be found much easier, giving you another chance at create conversions.

Get SMM-ing Now

Well, although all good things must come to an end, you will be embarking on a new aspect of your business’ growth. Social media marketing is an impressive weapon and, once you learn to wield it well, you will be cutting straight to some serious sales. So, get started now!


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