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7 Places to Meet New People

A lot of us work long hours, work from home or just have very little time for leisurely activities. As time passes, it gets harder and harder to meet new people. That’s why dating sites have become so popular – they allow you to meet lots of new people with similar interests. Dating apps are especially easy to use and open up a world of dating, and you can start it all without ever leaving the house.

But, if you prefer meeting people the good old fashioned way, you definitely have options! Meet new and interesting people at these 7 places – your opportunities are endless and you’ll have a great time.

7 Places and Ways to Meet New People

1. Museums

Museums are a wonderful place to find a wide range of people, from art students on assignment to curious admirers who enjoy spending their free time appreciating the arts. Many museums have special events, like art receptions and openings, speaker lectures and member-only nights – join these mailing lists and start meeting new people!

2. Sporting Events

If you have a favorite football, basketball or baseball team, attend games when you can. Games can be incredibly social and fun – go in a big group and get to know friends of friends, coworkers and more, and chat with people around you. There is an inherent camaraderie in cheering for the same team, so take advantage of that!

3. Book Clubs

Check this out at your local library or online groups. Reading books and discussing them is a great way to meet new people with common interests.

4. Volunteer

Help the elderly, volunteer at animal shelters, give free lessons to people who can’t afford it and so on. Volunteering will help you meet many new, wonderful people, who contribute their time and resources to the community.

5. Adopt a Dog

Walking with your dog daily guarantees you’ll meet many new people – some of them animal owners or just animal lovers in general. Dogs are a great subject for first conversations.

6. Take a Course

Learn a new craft, a new language, take computer lessons or photography courses. These are sure-fire ways to meet new and active people with many common interests.

7. Organized Tours

Traveling in a group is great fun, and a wonderful opportunity to meet new people. There are actually many tours that are organized especially for singles – try and join one of those.


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