7 Ways to Host an Awesome Movie Night

Tired of spending a fortune to hang out with your friends?  Why not host a movie night in your own home?  Movie nights are not a new idea, but with these 7 suggestions you can put a new spin on an old classic and host a night to remember.

  1. Make it a double-header. If you’re not sure exactly what films your audience will like, ask each guest to bring a movie, and play the two most popular choices.
  2. Mix up your snack selection. Why settle on simple popcorn and jellybeans when you can offer a more exciting snack selection?  Consider adding ice cream sundaes, gourmet pretzels, fruit salad or other interesting snacks to your homemade concession stand.
  3. Drink up. Sure, movie theaters are known for their oversized cups of soda.  But your personal movie theater can stock up on more exotic beverages.  Mix up some fruity spritzers or martinis, or encourage your friends to shake up their favorite drinks.
  4. Open with a short comedy. It may be called a movie night, but there’s no reason that you must limit yourself to movies.  Why not start with a  short TV comedy or a classic skit that you haven’t seen in a while?  Consider Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Simpsons or the Honeymooners.
  5. Go for surround sound. If you host movie nights regularly, consider installing speakers around your TV room so that you can get the full feeling of the movie’s sound effects.
  6. Surprise your friends with your decorations. Watching a horror movie?  Why not play up your room with scary accents?  Watching a tear-jerker?  Consider leaving tissues and a wastebasket next to each seat (or row of seats).  Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness and may even laugh at your antics.  If you’re feeling particularly eager you can even print out homemade tickets (for an added giggle, try telling one your friends that the theater is full!).
  7. Add another activity to the evening. There’s no reason why a movie night should be limited to only a movie.  Invite your friends to play a game either before or after the feature film, or to go for a walk to work off some of those snacks.
  8. Have other ideas that can make movie nights a bit more exciting?  Feel free to share them!


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