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9 Must-Have Pages on Your Business’ Website

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If you own a business, you’re probably familiar with how to run your business’ website. Every website’s goal should be to attract and maintain more new visitors. To meet visitors’ demands, these sites are usually comprised of numerous pages, including:

  • Homepage
  • Description pages for particular services/products
  • About Us page
  • Contact Us page
  • A blog to drive traffic
  • Store pages where transactions are completed

But are these the only pages you should have? Absolutely not! You should be providing a robust and exciting experience to every user who visits your site. Do everything you can to make your website even more useful and attractive to your visitors, starting with building out these pages for a better user experience.

1. Testimonials

People who come looking for your product or service need to know you’re good at what you do. Let them see and read what other customers have to say about you. Add a testimonials page and post links to it throughout the rest of the site. Include some identifying information to add to your credibility, whether it’s a name, photo, or job title – whatever is most relevant to the service you provide.

2. FAQ

If someone’s on your site, they probably want information or have questions that need answering. Collect questions from your clients and put them on an FAQ page. You’ll start to notice patterns, which will help you pick the most commonly asked questions to feature most prominently.

3. Resources

A true business will cater to all its clients’ needs. An even better business will go out of its way to make sure clients have the information they might need on goods and services that are outside their domain. For example, if you are a catering service, you can feature information about venues and halls that your clients can rent.

4. Guarantee

Do you offer guarantees or return conditions that your clients should know about? Feature that information on it’s own page. Don’t hide it – put it where users can easily find it, especially if you have long-term coverage policies. People won’t just be delighted at the protection you offer, it also gives them the confidence to trust in your products.

5. Surveys and Queries

Your business website needs to meet all of your clients’ requirements and expectations. But how do you know how well you are faring if you don’t ask them about it every once in a while? The best solution here is to have a surveys and queries page that your visitors or clients can go to to give you feedback.

6. Privacy Policies

Give your users some peace of mind by clearly stating you will not, in any form, pass on or use their personal and financial information for anything other than the purposes they were intended for. Again, like the previous point, this will increase their confidence in your business and your products or services.

7. Media

Take advantage of all the exposure you get! If any news media, magazine, or website has featured you, call it out on a media page. Create a google alert for your business and keep track of what others are saying about your business. Include links and make photos and videos about your coverage available for free download. If you have exceptional personnel or outstanding performers, share their pictures and profiles, too.

8. Portfolio

If you have works you want the world to see, include them on a portfolio page. Use it to display sample, previously sold, or related works. The whole idea is to make sure your clients know what they’re getting.

9. Sitemap

If you want your visitors to know where they can find what, build out a sitemap. This is especially useful if you have a large website with many pages. Apart from helping your clients, you will also improve your SEO ranking, since search engines also use sitemaps to navigate your site.

The more information you make available for prospective clients, the more likely they are to convert. Don’t let any chance slip by – optimize your site and start seeing the difference it makes on your revenue stream. You won’t regret it!


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