Apps for The Day After (The Oscars, That Is)

There’s only one topic around the watercooler today: The Oscars. And here at Consumer-Rankings we have no intention of being left out.

We all know that the really interesting part of the evening is the dresses (sorry guys, but your clothes just aren’t that interesting no matter how much velvet you include). Believe it or not, there are ways to make similar gowns realistic for the average consumer but the bigger problem is that there’s no excuse to wear them. Sure, you may have a black tie wedding every so often and some people may get to go to a gala fundraiser or two for work or something, but it’s not worth talking about. You’ll have to make do with sneaking pictures of the best and worst dressed in between meetings at work.

Instead, we’re going to talk about bringing the Oscars to you in a slightly less interesting angle: The movies themselves. Since your day is probably a bit rushed now that you’ve spent so much time looking at the Oscars gowns, we decided you might need them in a more convenient formant and so we present to you the top ten apps for movie lovers on the go.

1. Netflix

Of course, this app is only good if you have a Netflix account for $7.99 a month. Once you have that however, this app lets you access Netflix’s huge library of instant streaming movies and tv from you smartphone or tablet.


For those who prefer to go out to see their movies, Flixster provides movie times, reviews and trailers. It’s even integrated with Rotten Tomatoes, one of the top movie review sites.

3. Crackle

This free app lets you stream full length movies and TV and is supported by commercials. So if you don’t mind being interrupted by ads, it’s a cheap alternative to Netflix.

4. Imdb

Like the website, this app has everything you would want to know about any movie and anyone who was involved in making it. Perfect when you just can’t for the life of you figure out where you’ve seen that actor before.

5. Clicker

Clicker makes takes TV and movie to a social network that lets you track what you’ve seen and keep an eye on what you’re friends are watching and discuss it.

6. Getglue

Similary, GetGlue lets you share what you’re watching and it also includes a customized feed with clips and recaps that might interest and lets you collect “stickers” based on what you watch and eventually earn discounts and virtual prizes.

7. Hulu plus

This is also very similar to Netflix, as you probably know if you’re familiar with Hulu. You’ll need a Hulu Plus paid subscription to access it, but you’ll be able to stream tons of TV and movies.

8. Runpee

My personal favorite, RunPee has you pick a movie and start a timer when the movie begins and then gives you alerts when it’s a good time to run to the bathroom. It also includes summaries of what you missed when you were gone. Doesn’t mean much if you’re watching at home, but great for theater viewing.

9. VLC

VLC is pretty straightforward. It lets you play any video format. It’s free but as of a couple of months ago it’s not available in the Apple app store.

10. Moviefone

You may remember when Moviefone was an actual phone number. It still provides movie times, locations and prices but also has clips, trailers and reviews.


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