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Be Careful Out There: Dating Safety Tips for Women

Dating Safety TipsDating can be very exciting. It’s an opportunity to meet new and interesting people, and sometimes we can really hit it off. Online dating in particular, opens the door on many new acquaintances. Now, we are all for meeting new people, of course! Dating is fun and can help you find your partner for life. Still, there are a few things a woman should notice and beware off when dating new people – especially on blind dates and dates that originated from dating sites.

Remember – in many cases, you are meeting complete strangers. Though most of them are probably good men, you should always be careful and even a bit suspicious – until you get to know him better.

Dating Safety Tips for Women

  1. Meet in public places: Set your first date (and even the second and third) in public places – a restaurant, a coffee shop or a bar. Don’t go to his house or invite him to yours, even if he sounds absolutely amazing.
  2. Be stingy with personal information: Don’t give him the entire details of your life immediately. You might want to disappear after a date or two, and your home phone number and full name provide easy ways to track you. Settle for giving him your cell number and don’t give your home address until you get to know him better.
  3. Stay away from the married: We are not telling you this to be pious. A person who lies and cheats his wife, is almost always bound to be untrustworthy in other matters.
  4. Avoid the pictureless: Some people are shy, which is perfectly OK, but still – a person on a dating site that won’t post or send his picture should arouse suspicions. He might not be who he claims to be.
  5. Choose a reputable dating service: There are many dating sites out there. Try and stay in the mainstream, and go for well known dating sites. The questionable men are more likely to lurk in small, lesser-known sites. Some of the good online dating sites are, and
  6. Take it slowly: Don’t rush into anything. You might think you know the man because the online chat has been exhilarating, but remember to use common sense when you decide to connect in person.
  7. Trust your instincts: This is probably the best advice we can give you regarding safety in dating – trust your gut. You intuition is your best guide. If it doesn’t feel right, if he acts weird or if you find out that he lied to you – break it off.

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