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Don’t Be Basic: What You Need to Do to Prepare for Valentine’s Day

It’s almost Valentine’s Day – the holiday of passion, candles, rose petals on the bed and all things puffy heart-shaped. With less than a week before the big day, those of us with Valentine’s Day plans are hard at work, preparing for February 14th — or so you would think. According to a new survey from Shopkick, the definition of “basic” just hit an all time low.

The shopping rewards app conducted a survey of over 11,500 users to determine attitudes and shopping habits for Valentine’s Day 2018. The research found that the majority of people (39 percent) plan to prepare for the big night with a good ol’ shower. Yes, a shower. As in, going into the bathroom, turning the water on and cleansing one’s body before your big date. This means that a whopping 61 percent of people surveyed don’t even plan on showering in preparation for V-Day. If this figure makes you visibly shudder, you’re not alone.

Although showering seemed to top the list (although just barely) as far as preferred pre-Valentine’s Day activities, it was followed by buying a new outfit (22 percent), getting your hair done (21 percent), getting your nails done (16 percent) and waxing (3 percent).

Bathing and grooming habits aside, it appears that procrastination is also rampant when it comes to making plans for February 14th. Of those surveyed,  50 percent of self-proclaimed non-romantics (25 percent of respondents) said they wait until the day before or the day-of to start planning the big day. Twenty-three percent of the unsentimental won’t even bother giving their loves anything for Valentine’s Day.

These statistics are grim, my friends. We can do better than this. If you have plans on Valentine’s Day, here are a few practical tips to follow to ensure you’re prepared for a fun night out.

1. Make bookings and reservations in advance.

While there’s generally something to be said about spontaneity, if you have your sights set on taking your date somewhere specific (like that hot new Italian eatery that just opened in your neighborhood), this is one of the few nights of the year that you absolutely can’t “just wing it.” If you’re planning on going out to eat, make sure you make reservations well in advance. Same goes if you’re hoping to do a specific activity — for example, catch the latest blockbuster or play a game of Settlers of Catan at your local board game cafe. To avoid disappointment, the more you can purchase and/or book in advance, the better.

2. Have a plan.

Even if you’re not planning a big night out with flowers, a gourmet meal and all the classic romantic trappings, you should still have an idea of how you’d like to spend the evening with your date. Are you guys going to order take-out, Netflix and chill? Are you planning to grab a drink at a local bar and see where the night takes you? Figure it out in advance and communicate it with your date so they know what to expect and how to properly attire themselves. The last thing you want is to show up for your date and have the dreaded, “So, what do you want to do?”/ “I don’t know… What do YOU want to do?” conversation.

3. Treat yourself to some pampering.

For the love of jeebus, don’t stop at just a shower. While there’s nothing that says you have to go out and buy a new outfit for Valentine’s Day, put your best foot forward by doing what’s necessary to look and feel your best. Make sure whatever you’re wearing is clean, comfortable and pressed. Get a haircut and shave if you need it. Treat yourself to a massage because you deserve it. Remember  — Valentine’s Day is also about showing yourself some love, regardless of your relationship status.

4. Don’t be a sour suitor.

While it’s not necessary to drop big bucks on a gift to impress your date this Valentine’s Day, resist the urge join the 23 percent of people who aren’t planning on doing anything for their date.

“Whether it’s dinner at home, a special night out, a bouquet of flowers or simply a card, February 14 is a day to treat that special someone,” said Bill Demas, CEO of Shopkick. Amen to that.

Little gestures count. Whether it’s a sweet card, a single flower or a strip of retro snaps from your favorite photo booth, make sure you do something to commemorate this night with your date.




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