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How to Use Facebook Credits, Google Credits & More

If you’re researching different web hosting plans, you’ve probably noticed that many web hosting packages come with free advertising credits.  But if you’ve never had a website before you probably don’t know how or when to use these advertising credits.  And if you’re not familiar with social media, these advertising credits may not hold that much appeal.  But with a bit of understanding and explanation you may begin to realize just how valuable these credits can be.

The benefits of online advertising credits:

  • Exposure to different audiences. Web hosts that offer advertising credits with different internet sites allow you to expose your product or website to diverse audiences.  Testing out each advertising venue for free will allow you to see which one has the best conversions so you’ll know where to invest money in the future.
  • The ability to test different campaigns. Not sure which ad text will work the best?  Free advertising credits will let you test out different options so that you can pay only for the one(s) that convert the best.
  • See your website through new eyes. The response that you receive to your online advertisements will allow you to see what works and what doesn’t work on your website.  If your site is not converting, you’ll be able to make adjustments that can enhance your performance.  And if it is working, you’ll be able to use this knowledge to take your business to the next level.
  • Things to Know about Facebook Credits:

    • You will need a Facebook account to use Facebook credits.
    • Facebook credits received from most web hosts can be used for both new and existing accounts.
    • You can use Facebook credits to promote your company’s Facebook page or to promote your website directly.
    • With Facebook advertising you can target people who have interests in line with your product or service.
    • When creating ads with Facebook credits you can schedule them to run at certain times or on certain days.
    • Facebook offers comprehensive tracking and analytical tools to help you understand the successes and failures of your ads.

    Things to Know about Google AdWords Credits:

    • Google AdWords credits are most often valid only for new AdWords accounts. 
    • If you have an existing AdWords account that is currently pointing to your website you’ll need to use your free advertising credits for a different account point to a different website or for a new account that uses a completely different set of keywords to point to the same website.
    • You will need to enter billing information when setting up your AdWords account.  Even though you are using free advertising credits you’ll be required to pay a small activation fee.

    Things to Know about Yahoo! Credits:

    • Yahoo! Credits work similarly to Google advertising credits. 
    • You will need a new account to use Yahoo! advertising credits.
    • Fewer people use Yahoo!’s search engine than Google, but some studies indicate that those who use Yahoo!’s search engine may be more likely to convert. 
    • A planned merger between Bing and Yahoo! will likely change the face of this type of advertising, so it’s worthwhile to proceed cautiously when planning your ads, in the hope that in the future this search engine will see a boost in traffic.
      • Good luck with your new web host and your free advertising credits!


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