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Home for the Holidays: The Perks of Online Dating While Traveling

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We’ve all seen the commercials: going home for the holidays is synonymous with family, relationships and, yes, romance. But if you’re not in a relationship or celebrating major milestones (meeting the parents! Engagements! Babies!) the “romance” aspect of the holidays can feel, at best, like a non-event. But just because you’re single doesn’t mean you have to put your online dating life on hold while you’re traveling and visiting family this season.

I know what you’re thinking: “But, I’m only home for a short time. Why should I even bother?” Well, consider this: if you’re home for the holidays, so are a bunch of other single people. There are tons of other people who are in the same boat as you (in the mood for romance and desperate to escape their relatives’ prying questions about their relationship status.) Plus, the time between now and Valentine’s Day is peak season online, which means a lot of people are online and looking. Why not lean into it?

Here are a few reasons why online dating while you’re home for the holidays can actually be kind of wonderful.

You’re traveling and have a whole new set of matches.

If you’ve been online dating for a while, it’s natural to sometimes feel like you’ve “seen everyone” online – this is especially true if you live in a smaller-sized city where you’re more likely to see familiar faces online. Instead of waiting on bated breath for new people in your area to join your favorite site, take advantage of the fact that you’re traveling and are privy to a bunch of new matches (thanks geography!) It’s always fun to check out the singles scene in another city or country. It may be just what you need to get your online dating groove back or make you grateful for the singles selection in your hometown. Either way, giving online dating a shot while you’re home for the holidays is sure to add some new energy into your love life.

The grass is always greener anywhere that’s not here.

Most of us have had a moment where we’ve wished we lived somewhere else, if only to take advantage of what we perceive as a better dating scene. If we live in a huge metropolis, we’ll say, “I bet if I lived in a small town, it would be easier to meet someone with my values.” If we live in a smaller town, we’ll lament over the fact that, “Dating in a big city like NYC must be amazing – there’s so much selection!” Being home for the holidays means that you can actually test this theory. Check out your local matches. Meet some new people. Go for drinks. You might be surprised by your findings or you might not. Either way, online dating in another place is sure to be interesting.

Get out of the house!

If you haven’t lived at home since you left for college, you may think you know your hometown inside and out. But, if you’re always hanging out with family or old friends at your go-to dive bar, you’ve probably missed a few things – like the host of new craft beer places that opened downtown or that new Thai restaurant that locals are raving about. Online dating while you’re home for the holidays means you can connect with local singles and allow them to show you a new, unknown side to your city. Plus, let’s face it – there’s going to be a point over the holidays when you desperately need a break from home and family. Delicious craft beers with a cute local > Aunt Edna’s fruitcake and intrusive questions about why you’re still single.

Test the waters more, with less commitment.

Want to get back into dating, but aren’t really sure what exactly you’re looking for? Dating in another city is a great way to test the dating waters with less commitment. It’s a chance to approach people you might not usually go for and hopefully go on some really fun dates, with very little pressure. Just make sure that you’re clear from the get-go that you’re only in town for the holidays.

If it doesn’t work, you can tell them you’re leaving town.

And it won’t be a lie! If your date(s) don’t work out, you won’t have to make up an elaborate story about how you’re “really busy right now” because you’re preparing to go save endangered species in Madagascar forever and ever and ever. You can just tell them the truth: that you’ll be booking out of here come New Year’s. If you’ve set appropriate expectations and been upfront from the beginning, this shouldn’t be a problem.

So, don’t worry and get started! If you don’t know where to start, check out our Top 5 Dating Site Picks of 2016.


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