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I Hear You Knocking, But You Can’t Come In

Microsoft just released its quarterly Security Intelligence Report, which covers general computer security and various related fields in order to help inform consumers just like you on trends in global virus threats. So what did they find that consumers need to know to ensure the safety of their electronic devices?

According to the study, 2.5 out of every 10 computers lack fully-updated security software, which could help protect them from viruses and other hacking attacks. In fact, the report claims that without these crucial safeguards, computers are 5.5 times more like to be infiltrated than computers with fully up-to-date software.

How can people become so prone to these attacks? How do their systems become so vulnerable? There are a number of reasons that antivirus software may become outdated or ineffective. Some more sinister malware can actually disable installed antivirus software, making regular vigilance and security scans important.

But more often, a security lapse occurs because the computer’s owner hasn’t properly equipped their machine for such invisible threats. Most obviously, a trial period may end or the antivirus software may no longer be compatible with the hardware—which means you could solve many security problems in minutes while you’re on our site. Even more alarming, many people don’t realize the importance of antivirus software and never even bother to install it on their hard drives.

For people worried about virus threats, finding security solutions for your system is incredibly easy. So often it just means clicking that “annoying” little box that offers to update your computer’s antivirus protection. If you don’t already have protection, many effective and inexpensive solutions are available through our site or your hardware provider, which could spell the difference between total safety and total data loss.


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