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Interview: InMotion Hosting



A web hosting company is only as good as the manpower behind it, which is why inMotion Hosting boasts a strong internal team as one of its most polished features. With offices in Los Angeles, CA and Virginia Beach, VA, InMotion’s bi-coastal reach shows a growing appetite for resolving even the most tailored hosting needs. In our exclusive interview with some of InMotion’s top associates, the goal was to explore some of  the details that often go unnoticed in the web hosting industry  and offer our readers a closer look at how InMotion maintains a directional influence in the industry. Take a look below.


Thank you so much for taking out the time to answer a few questions with us. To start, why don’t you give us some basic company info? How long have you been in business? How many sites do you host? What services do you offer? And what makes the InMotion experience unique?

InMotion Hosting started in 2001 and we’ve been steadily growing over these past 13 years. We have over 250,000 domains under management which consist of small to mid-sized businesses in over 100 countries. Our services include shared hosting, VPS, Reseller, and dedicated hosting along with website design services and managed hosting. At the core, we have always focused on providing the very best customer service and experience; we aim to thrill the customer.

We also noticed that your corporate practices are a little different. Tell us, what separates the work environment at InMotion Hosting and how do you feel it improves the work you guys do?

At InMotion Hosting we pride ourselves on having a fun, casual, and hard working environment. We play hard and work even harder to cultivate strong interpersonal relationships both with our employees and especially our customers. We believe in transparency to our employees and feel that everyone’s voice is of value.

Obviously, you care a lot about creating personal interactions with your customers. Would you say maintaining a human touch is important to your success in the web hosting industry?

Absolutely, we have made a conscientious decision to keep 100% of our jobs on US soil. We believe that providing a US based customer experience is paramount in differentiating ourselves from the competition.

Walk us through how InMotion balances an emphasis on your employees’ individual personalities with the discipline and training they clearly need to handle the demands of a wide variety of webmasters.

InMotion Hosting understands that everyone is unique and has their own set of ideas and values. The way we make sure that everyone in the company is on the same page is by having a uniform training session with specific guidelines on the company culture, mantra, and ethos before they start. We make sure that the core values are set in stone before they start with us through several days of rigorous training. When the foundational structure is set, it gives our employees the freedom to be their unique selves with different types of webmasters without having to compromise any company values or processes.

How does InMotion manage a bi-costal business model? In what ways do you think this benefits the company and the customer overall?

We are strong advocates of a bi-costal business model. Having coverage on both east and west coast time zones allows us to be available for a longer duration to our customers. Additionally, we have data centers on both costs which allow us to provide the customer a choice based upon their location of where their website should live. This impacts speed and performance of the website which is so critical to the modern web experience.

Many website owners would argue that a hosting provider is only as good as its data centers. What distinguishes InMotion’s data supervision over its competitors?

We believe a good data center is only the beginning. We have chosen to purchase higher end hardware in order to decrease any potential issues that come with using cheaper hardware. We believe our customers deserve the very best!  Most importantly, we believe the people in our data centers are the most vital. Their ability to troubleshoot, repair, and resolve issues is critical to maintaining a high uptime.

We’ve seen a push towards sustainable energy across almost every industry over the past few years, with many tech companies following suit. Where does InMotion fit into this trend, and would you say that this is a goal the company sees itself pursuing in the future?

Our data center facility in downtown LA was the first green data center in LA County. We believe that environmental responsibility goes beyond our servers and we have incorporated many green initiatives in our offices as well including recycling programs, sustainability programs, and initiatives with the help of our HR team towards community cleanup efforts.

As a hosting company that prides itself in both sustainability and reliability, how does the company manage to keep services economically practical from a customer perspective, as well?

Credit: InMotion

The loyalty of our customer base allows for us to invest more in initiatives such as sustainability and reliability as they continue to refer friends and family to our services.  We made a conscious decision to place our support center in Virginia Beach to keep operational costs down thus allowing us to invest more in the hardware but keep the price affordable for our customers.

Other than premiere web hosting, what other services does InMotion provide to paying customers looking to get their websites off the ground?

We have an awesome onboarding team that welcomes every customer to our service, accesses their web needs, and recommends products that may be of value for them. Some of these products include our custom website services and managed hosting. These two services allow the business owner to focus on developing their business while we cover their web needs.

In what ways can a customer benefit from keeping all of his or her website initiatives under one roof with InMotion? In other words, how can designing, hosting, registering, etc. all through InMotion benefit the Average Joe.

First, we believe it’s cost effective for the customer to do this as opposed to using multiple vendors. Second, knowing more about the customer and their web properties allows us to understand their need when it comes to troubleshooting or advising them on additional products they may need. This provides an overall seamless flow for all the customers’ website wants and needs. Also, if a customer starts with a shared hosting platform and they experience growth, InMotion Hosting is able to scale with their business demands by offering higher tier services to accommodate for the increase in business needs.

In an effort to maintain an influential role in the web hosting industry, what’s in store for InMotion in the near future and what does InMotion forecast for the hosting climate of tomorrow?

Our initiatives will include our commitment to making our products technologic leaders in our space. This is a combination hardware and software configurations along with making sure that our tools and services are most effective for the present day web customer. We believe that web hosting in 2001 is dramatically different than web hosting in 2014 and we believe that web hosting in the future will be significantly different than what it is today. It is our goal to always respond and produce the best products so our customers may meet their web needs. In the near future the mass consumers will be able to differentiate between regular web hosting and a professional business oriented hosting solution like InMotion Hosting.


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