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Mentioning this Food Will Help You Get a Date

woman eating burger

Whether it’s an appreciation for street tacos or a fondness for tasting menus at Nobu, there’s something incredibly sexy about someone who loves food and knows how to eat well.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who feels this way. According to a study from Zoosk, the old adage “the stomach is the key to the heart” still rings true.

Researchers at Zoosk analysed 3,733,185 dating profiles and 364,609,566 first messages to find out how mentioning different foods and food-related phrases effects online daters’ romantic interactions.

The online dating platform also surveyed over 7,000 single folk to get some insight into how food and dating intersect. As it turns out, not only mentioning food in your online dating profile, but which specific ones you love can have a positive effect on your overall dating success.

The clear winner? Guacamole. Mentioning this delectable avocado based dip could increase your number of messages by 144 percent.

It makes sense. Not only are all things avocado extremely trendy right now — especially among millennials (hello, overpriced avocado toast), it’s also the perfect mix of decadent and healthy; responsible yet full of joie de vivre. Enjoying a healthy dollop of guac with your meal shows you’re not afraid to live a little — even if it means forking out an extra $1.50 to partake in your favorite healthy fat.

However, if guacamole isn’t your thing (WHAT IS YOUR LIFE?) there’s still other ways that you can use your love of food to help attract more dates. While guacamole was at the top of the pack with a 144 percent increase, potatoes came in second at 101 percent, followed by chocolate at 100 percent with salad (97 percent) and sushi (93 percent) following close behind.

According to Zoosk, even just mentioning you’re a foodie or that you like to cook could get you more right swipes. The study found that profiles that contain the word ‘foodie’ received 82 percent more messages, while those who mention the word ‘cook’ saw a 26 percent increase.

But it’s important to note that mentioning food in your initial message isn’t necessarily going to score you more dates, so you might want to save that really great line about mashed potatoes for your annual holiday card.

“For the most part, mentioning food in an initial message doesn’t result in many more replies,” the Zoosk researchers said. However, they found that there are certain exceptions to this rule. Mentioning eggplant in your message gets 10 percent more responses than average. Whether this involves the veggie in it’s emoji form is unclear, but I think we can draw our own conclusions [insert side-eye].

When it comes to using your love of food to woo other singletons, your best bet it to mention it in your profile — and while you’re at it, keep mum about your love of yams (sweet potatoes) unless you want to see a 70 percent decrease in your number of messages.

Here’s a few suggestions to keep in mind.

  • Mentioning guacamole in your profile is a great way to segue into asking someone whether they would like to join you for a Chipotle date.
  • If you’re a laid back kind of guy/gal, inject some humor into your profile and mention that guacamole might be extra, but you’re not.
  • Surprisingly (or unsurprisingly?) singles dig potatoes. If your life’s mission is to sample all the french fries, mention that in your profile. You may just find someone who is down to be your fry-tasting co-pilot.

While messier foods like tacos (24 percent), ribs (20 percent), burritos (17 percent) and pho (6 percent) saw the lowest percentage increases when it came to inbound messages, keep in mind if you love a good carne asada burrito or steaming bowl of hot noodles, it’s still worth mentioning. Stats like the ones mentioned above provide helpful tips on how to maximize your success online, but they’re not prescriptive.

At the end of the day, you’re looking for someone who likes you for the real you. So, while mentioning your love of Mexican hot chocolate, don’t forget to be yourself. You might just find the Ms. to your Mr. Fries.




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