Looking for a Powerful Camera? Nikon Releases the D5100

Nikon D5100The newest DSLR camera is finally here! The D5100 from Nikon will be available in stores starting May 2011. It is designed to meet the needs of both professional photographers and hobbyists. The D5100 is equipped with many enhanced features, including: – A 3 inch Vari angle 921K resolution LCD –  High Resolution 16.2MD DX Format CMOS sensor – 1080p HD movies with full time autofocus – In camera special effects mode – Fast 11 point autofocus system – In camera high dynamic range – ISO sensitivity 100-6400 – Built in speedlight flash with i-TTL – 16 Automatic scene modes and automatic image sensor cleaning According to Nikon, the D5100 is engineered as an ideal balance of durability and functionality. Let’s discuss some of the features mentioned above and how this new product is taking cameras and photography to a whole new level. First of all, the 16.2 CMOS sensor allows the photographer to take pictures even in the lowest lighting while maintaining superior image quality. There is no need for extra props such as additional lighting. Also, the 11 point Autofocus System allows the photographer to get great image quality even when there is movement. It can also help contrast a landscaped photo versus a portrait or a photo with many different colors. Its super speed allows you the ability to take up to 100 frames consecutively. The i-TTL flash (Through The Lens), uses a sensor to calculate the flash intensity through the lens and adjusts the exposure accordingly. When a proper exposure is reached the flash will shut off automatically. This way there is no need to worry about when to use the flash and when to have it shut down. Lastly, the special effects mode is sure to blow you away.  The camera analyzes subject information from a database to optimize focus, exposure and contrast. Once it reads and recognizes the image, it automatically adjusts itself to optimal performance settings before the shot is actually taken. Overall, the D5100 is a small, attractive, reliable and durable camera that will more than satisfy the needs to professional photographer’s and/or hobbyists.


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