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Online Dating: Profile Picture Tips

We’re not so superficial as to say that looks is everything, but we are human. Thus, we know that when looking at profiles on dating sites, people scope out the pictures first. Beauty and attraction are a matter of taste, but you can still upgrade your online dating profile by choosing the best picture of yourself to attach to it.

Online Dating Profile Picture Tips

  1. Choose a photo that YOU like: you should feel comfortable and happy with the photos that represent you on dating sites. Don’t choose a picture just because you think others might like it.
  2. Clear and focused: this might sound obvious, but for some reason, too many people choose blurry, dark images, in which you can hardly recognize any details. Unfocused pictures aren’t artistic – they are just poor quality.
  3. Take a picture of yourself doing one of your favorite activities: If you have a hobby, get someone to take your picture while you are engaged in it. It will almost always present you in a positive light, because you tend to look happy and active while doing something you love.
  4. Just you: most of the pictures in dating sites profiles should be of you – and just you. Especially avoid pictures with your Ex or any other member of the opposite sex. Pictures with other people deleted or blackened to hide them aren’t very impressive either.
  5. Color it: color images are better than black and white. We have the technology, so use it!
  6. Don’t take it yourself: if possible, ask a friend to take your picture for you. Self-taken pictures look exactly like that – with odd angles that rarely flatter you.
  7. No nudity: some people think it’s attractive to post nude or semi-nude pictures in online dating sites. First of all, most sites will ban you or delete the image. Second, it doesn’t make a good impression. Put decent pictures, and take your clothes off when the right time comes.

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