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PC or Mac – Which is Better for Your Business?

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The tech world is divided into two distinct camps – those who are faithful to the PC and those who swear by Macs. Both markets have loyal customers, and while both Mac and PC desktop and laptops performs comparably, there are a few other areas in which they differ quite a bit.

So, how do you as a business owner decide which operating system fits best with your working environment? Since PCs outsell Macs at an approximate ratio of 20:1, some think the choice is obvious. But, before committing to one over the other, let’s look at some specific factors you might want to consider.

1. Pricing

The price factor has long favored PCs over the Macs. On average, you can buy a comparatively equal-performing PC at a 40 percent lower price than a Mac. This means, if you’re on a tight budget or are into cost saving as a way of improving your profit margins, then you’ll want to go for the PC.

2. Security

Apple, on the other hand, has the upper hand when it comes to security. Compared to PCs, Mac viruses or malware attacks that have brought networks down are almost unheard of.

3. Better Graphic Design

Graphic designers easily opt for Macs. Better handling of fonts, better color presentation, more sophisticated designed applications specifically created for the OS, and the general ease of working with the applications on the Mac OS make Apple the clear winner for creative designers. Of course, these points are subjective and the end result will probably be defined by how skilled the designer is and not by the capabilities of the machine they are using.

4. Workforce Skills

Your employees’ skill levels are a critical point that’ll help decide which brand you choose. You wouldn’t want to create chaos by making people used to working on PCs work on a Mac, or vice versa. While it is possible to re-train an employee to crossover to the other side, you should really do an ROI analysis to see if it is worth it.

5. Applications in Use

What applications do you use in your business and are they cross-platform compatible? This will ultimately make a big difference in your decision. While many software companies make sure they have two versions of their products, you will still have to purchase a new package if you switch, which may cost you big.

6. Tech Support

If you already have an IT department in place that can handle your tech issues, then you’ll be fine. But, if you’re planning on depending on Apple to provide you with tech support, you will quickly find out it is an expensive affair. While their Genius Bar will help you with free fixes in-store, it is a totally different story once your AppleCare policy runs out. Besides, who has the time to run around town lugging a broken machine? On the other hand, PC tech support is widely (and cheaply) available, and most issues can be solved with a simple search on the internet.

7. Existing Setup

If you’re already using Macs, then you’ve probably already sealed your fate. It would be better to upgrade your machines than chuck it all out and make the switch to PC. Also, if your business largely depends on laptops, then you will perhaps be better off sticking to MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs, since they’re much more powerful, more energy-conserving, lighter in weight, and more feature-rich than their PC counterparts.

8. Looks

Let’s admit it: Apple machines look really cool. They are sleeker, cooler, and offices with Macs tend to look more professional than PC offices, which unfortunately connote outdated practices and programs. So, if image is a factor that ranks high on your business’  priorities, then you know you need Mac around.

With this being said, the bottom-line comes down affordability, performance and style. Think about your office’s abilities and what your employees will be able to handle. Once you consider these things, the choice will probably be made all the easier!


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