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Picking the Best Hosting Sites for Your Blog

Blogs can have a significant impact on the success of smaller companies or anyone motivated to share information with the general public. While most web-savvy individuals can put up a basic website, the hosting company you choose can make the difference between a blog site that is interesting and one that people will simply pass over. The truth is that not all blog hosting companies are created equal. Whether you’re a newbie just starting out or you’ve already amassed thousands of followers, the best blog hosts can help you reach your desired audience.

Consider Cost, Last

Most newbie bloggers will initially consider cost as a major factor in selecting the right host. But be warned, a cheap or free host may not be right for you, especially if they can’t deliver the website performance you need to attract and sustain readership. Instead of starting with price, chose a host based on what you want it to do for you then look at price to make your final decision.

Are they Up to Speed?

Better blog hosts will be ‘up to speed’ on speed. When those eager to read your blog click and choose to load it, they’ll expect your site to come up in two seconds or less. If you make them wait any longer, they’ll go to the next site on the Google search list. Users want information and they want it fast. Chances are, your blog isn’t the only one that has the topic they’re interested in. So make sure you pick a host that loads fast.

Confuse ‘em, You’ll Lose ‘em

Newbie bloggers all basically say the same thing when it comes to blog hosts. Make it easy to use. They want easy, intuitive, uncompleted installs. Website builders should be drag-and-drop simple. Bloggers don’t want to pay for domain names or stat trackers. So if you’re a blogger with lots to say, you don’t want to be forced into becoming a programmer or coder. If you’re like most, you’ll have a long list of topics you want to write about, with no time for programming or coding.

Airtight Security, Responsive Support

If you’re a conscientious blogger, you expect your host to keep your website secure from server shutdowns and viruses. Look for hosts that include features like RAID, a special system for protecting data. Look too, for secure data centers that have diesel power generators, as well as those located in areas that are not exposed to natural disasters. Also, consider uptime. Most hosts claim they provide 100% uptime, but that’s rarely true, so aim for the highest percentage. Finally, if your blog is time sensitive, you’ll want a host that provides 24/7 tech support.

Server Type

You’ll have several choices when it comes to servers, with prices varying for each. Shared servers are less expensive, but they’re more susceptible to downtime since the server is shared with many other subscribers.  VPS hosting (Virtual Private Server) is a preferred choice since you rent an entire server. It’s ideal if you expect to have very high traffic to your website; if not, you may opt for a shared server since VPS can run into quite a bit of money. There’s also a cloud system, which runs similar to a VPS and employs multiple servers in a network. Cloud servers tend to be more secure than traditional VPS and shared servers.


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