5 Reason to Use an e-File Tax Solution

e-File Tax SolutionThis year, your taxes should not be one of the major stresses in your life. Furthermore, it doesn’t have to be a major expense. If you do your taxes online you can save yourself time and money. Here are some reasons you should consider using an e-file solution.

  • It’s Free: Most e-file centers offer thorough, reliable and easy to use instructions on how to complete your tax return for free. Check the pricing schedule before signing up to a service as some sites can charge upwards of $100.00 for e-filing.
  • Fastest and Biggest Refund: When choosing an online tax service it is important to consider how fast your refund will be returned to you. For example, TurboTax is proven to provide its’ customers with quick and large refunds
  • Up to Date with the Latest Tax Laws: Tax laws are constantly changing; and when it comes to filing taxes there is no room for playing around with the law. With e-filing, they are constantly updating the tax laws and applying them to the current year’s tax return. When you log in to start your application, most e-file solutions provide you will all the most up to date changes that apply to your situation. There is almost always an ‘explanation’ section should you be curious to read up on current tax laws.
  • No Risk: With some of the e-filing websites, you have to create a user ID which then goes into the company’s database. However, you can find sites that allow you to start your application process without creating a profile and save your information when you are ready.
  • Downloadable Audit Support Center: One of the most frightening things when filing taxes is getting a phone call from the IRS. Whether it is a follow up phone call or an audit, you can be assured that e-filing providers can help you through the process. They provide each customer with the option to download software for step by step guidance on everything you need to know and what to do if the IRS contacts you.

Tax filing can be a very stressful and confusing time for many people. Now there is an online solution that can take care of all your needs for free and with no risk. You can also enjoy the benefit of getting the biggest and fastest refund as well as a totally reliable service that answers all your tax questions from A-Z.

Happy Filing!


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