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What is the Internet of Things? How Does It Help Your Business?

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You’ve probably heard of the Internet of Things, especially if you work in the tech industry. IoT (as it’s more commonly abbreviated) might sound like a collection of digital debris that you want to discard quickly – but it’s actually a collection of useful things we couldn’t do without, all connected with one another through the internet.

What is the IoT?

IoT refers to the connection of everyday objects via the internet. The objects are deemed to be “intelligent” devices because they can accept commands and perform tasks that we need them to. Apart from accepting commands from humans, they can also communicate with one another to perform collaborative tasks together. Examples of smart gadgets can include anything from your TV and thermostat at home to huge industrial machines at your work place. As a matter of fact, any device you can use remotely via, say, your smart phone can be deemed a member of the IoT.

How Many Gadgets Are on the IoT?

This is no longer a futuristic theory. According to some educated guesses, there are an estimated 8 billion connected devices today. Other researchers predict that by 2021, there will be 22.5 billion gadgets on the IoT.

If you aren’t already connected on the internet of things, you’ll find yourself left behind, since $4.8 trillion will be pushed into this technology between now and 2021.

IoT Advantages in Business

If you are still skeptical about how the IoT can help you and your business, let’s take a look at some advantages it offers.

1. More Data

With more devices connected to your business, you’ll have access to an increased amount of data. Each and every device connected to the IoT will feed your central data storage with detailed information. This will help you make better, more well-informed decisions.

2. Know What is Where

If your business is in the storage, purchasing, or distribution sector, you will have data at your fingertips, letting you know where each and every one of your product or stock items are. As each item is digitally signed and has a unique ID, all it takes to find a single item (out of millions, perhaps) is to tap a few keys or buttons.

3. Remote Commands

You don’t have to be tied down to one location when you need to get a machine or device working. Gone are the days of traveling just to flip a single switch. At any time and from any location, you can instruct your smart gadgets to do whatever it is you want them to do.

4. Shorter Times

While people might become experts at operating a device or gadget over time, they will still be slower than any given piece of software code. Connecting your devices and letting digital software take over their operation can (and will) make you a more efficient business owner.

5. Avoid Complexity

As your business grows, so, too, will the number of gadgets and machines you need to run it smoothly. This means that, over time, you will be handling more machines than you can possibly manage. While you will be able to run your gadgets safely and correctly for some time, as their numbers grow, so will the margin of error. Put everything under the command control of software and you will always be on top of their operations – always.

6. Cut Costs

Overall, running your gadgets using software will – in the long run, at least – cut your operating costs. While it might mean that industries will need to cut down on the human labor they employ, this will help save your company money and time.

7. Technology Improves

As more businesses adopt the IoT, manufacturers of smart gadgets will continue to produce even more advanced devices. This will contribute to the advancement of technology and the further cutting-down of operating costs.


Get on the IoT now

Not convinced to adopt the IoT? Don’t get left behind in a rapidly-advancing world! The potential for businesses using the IoT is limitless, so find a web host that can help you make the most of this new technology.




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