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Mozy Review

Mozy is one of the largest online backup providers in the industry with over 3 million private users and 80,000 business users. Founded in 2005, the company now has offices around the world and provides some of the best security features for homes and businesses of any size. Mozy's backup plans are simple and inexpensive and include a sufficient range of features for most home users.  This Mozy review will give you an idea of whether Mozy offers the right online backup software for you.




 Payment Term 50 GB/1 computer 125 GB/ 3 computers
1 year $5.99/month plus one month free $9.99/month plus one month free
2 years $5.99/month plus three months free $9.99/month plus three months free

You can also include more computers in the plan for an additional $2 per month per computer or include an additional 20GB of storage space for $2 a month. There is a two week trial available for MozyHome, which includes 2GB of storage and limited customer support.

MozyPro Business Plans

The following are the costs per month per month for every computer included in the Business package.

Payment Term  10 GB 50GB 100 GB 250 GB 500 GB 1 TB
Monthly $9.99 $19.99 $39.99 $94.99 $189.99 $379.99
1 Year $9.16 $18.33 $36.66 $87.08 $174.16 $348.33
2 Years $8.75 $17.50 $35.00 $83.12 $166.25 $332.50

Please note that the Server Business Packages require an additional server pass fee:

  10 GB 50GB 100 GB 250 GB 500 GB 1 TB
Server Pass $3.99 $6.99 $12.99 $15.99 $19.99 $29.99

Mozy does not advertise a fixed price for their Enterprise package since it depends heavily on each customer's particular needs.



Mozy's feature list may appear short when compared to some other backup providers but that's because they stick to the basics. If you can't find the specific features you're looking for, check out Mozy's complementary products: Mozy Stash and mobile app. Although MozyHome is actually an award-winning service, Mozy also has business packages that are scaled for a wide variety of companies of very different sizes.

Feature MozyHome Business [End User] Business [Server] Enterprise
Data Encryption Icon Icon Icon Icon
SAS70 or ISO certified data centers Icon Icon Icon Icon
New changes detection Grey Icon Grey Icon Grey Icon Grey Icon
30 day file history Icon Icon Grey Icon Grey Icon
Open or locked file support Icon Icon Icon Icon
Pause and resume backup Icon Grey Icon Grey Icon Grey Icon
Scheduled backup Icon Icon Icon Icon
Block-level incremental backup Icon Icon Icon Icon
Backup through software, web or DVD restore Icon Icon Icon Icon
File Scanning Grey Icon Icon Icon Grey Icon
Data Seeding Grey Icon Icon Grey Icon Grey Icon
Multiple User Management Grey Icon Icon Icon Icon
Custom Configurations Grey Icon Icon Icon Icon
File browse and search Grey Icon Icon Icon Icon
Active Directory Integration Grey Icon Grey Icon Grey Icon Icon
Custom Installation Grey Icon Grey Icon Grey Icon Icon
Single Sign On Grey Icon Grey Icon Grey Icon Icon
User Groups Grey Icon Grey Icon Grey Icon Icon

Storage Space

 Mozy offers anywhere from 2GB of cloud storage in a free trial, to 1 TB in their business plan. Each package includes different features and is offered with a wide range of storage capacities. MozyHome includes either 50 or 125 GB and the business packages with the option to add 20 GB for $2 a month. The business packages offer six different choices ranging from 10GB to 1 TB. 

Professional users can also consider MozyEnterprise which is a scalable package that offers storage space based on the customer's particular needs.

Ease of Use

Registration for Mozy begins by simply filling in your name, email address and password. You are then asked to complete a short survey about your occupation and where you heard about Mozy. Although this may not be necessary, it is only a few questions long. You will then receive and confirmation email which will prompt you to download the service.

Mozy -in -screenshotMozy Registration Page 1
Mozy -in -screenshot1Mozy Registration Page 2

Although it took a few minutes to install, the process was simple and went smoothly. One nice feature we discovered was that when Mozy discovered that our computer had more data than was included in our Mozy plan, it presented a checklist of files so that we could choose which should be backed up. This was a big improvement over other backup services which simply uploaded the first files they came too.

Once the backup began we were given the warning that the initial backup could take a long time but that we could continue using the computer for other things in the meantime.

Once the backup was complete, a control panel popped up where we could change our backup schedule, including adding all sorts of filters such as "Don't back up if CPU is x% busy" or "Enable bandwidth throttle between these hours:" This remained accessible through the Mozy icon in our windows system tray. Other account information, such as recent backups and restore history, are available through your account on the Mozy website. 


All file transfers to or from Mozy are protected with a 256bit AES encryption.  The data is then stored in multiple data centers that are either SAS70 or ISO certified.

Mozy has completed a SOC 1 SSAE 16 Type 2 audit and has received ISO 27001 certification.

Customer Support

Mozy provides multiple ways of getting the information you need, although telephone and chat support is only available if you have a paid account. However, Mozy does have a reasonably active twitter account where Mozy representatives are available to answer questions.

This is in addition to a knowledge base, FAQ section extensive video tutorials and a very active online community where other users have probably already discussed your problem or question in detail. The online support center also provides complete user guides and instruction manuals in the "documentation" section. 

Mozy -in -screenshot2Mozy Support Center
Mozy -in -screenshot3 Documentation Section for MozyHome


Icon -review -v

Positive Features

  • Straightforward set up
  • Extensive and easy-to-use settings tools
  • Good backup for business use
  • Live chat and phone support
Icon -review -x

Negative Features

  • Limited convenience features for private users
  • Confusing payment structures
  • Support center is not clearly organized

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