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MyPC Backup Review

A product created by the Just Develop It company, MyPC Backup is an industry leader in the online backup software industry.  The company's goal is to provide simple solutions to complicated technical predicaments, and MyPC Backup does just that.  Launched in 2010, MyPC Backup offers all of the same reliability as its sister companies ZipCloud and JustCloud, with a slightly different website aesthetic that may appeal to a different audience.  Learn about this service in the MyPC Backup review below to get a full understanding of the services provided. 



MyPC Backup offers competitive pricing and multiple payment options to meet the needs and budgets of all consumers.  Payment can be made via Visa, Mastercard, American Express or PayPal, and users can choose to purchase plans in increments of 1 month, 6 months, 1 year or 2 years.  Consumers should know that they will be required to pay up front for the payment term selected, so if they choose the two year plan, they will have to pay for 24 months at once, even though the monthly fee is lower for this plan than for shorter terms.

Payment Term Home Plan Premium Plan Unlimited Plan
1 month $5.56 $6.36 $7.96
6 months $4.76 $5.56 $7.16
Total: $28.56 Total: $33.36 Total: $42.96
12 months $3.96 $4.76 $6.36
Total: $47.52 Total: 57.12 Total: $76.32
24 months $3.59 $3.96 $5.56
Total: $86.16 Total: $95.04 Total: $133.44

Users can also choose to increase their sync (file sharing) space from the standard 1GB to either 5, 10 or 20GB for an additional fee. 

Those interested in testing out the service before committing can register for a free 14 day trial which will offer limited features but, in our experience, provides the user with an accurate picture of how the software works. 



From automatic daily backups to convenient file sharing capabilities, MyPC Backup offers all of the features that computer users will need to store their data safely and securely.

Feature Free Version Paid Version
Automatic backup Once daily Once daily
File Versioning Icon Icon
Access from anywhere Grey Icon Icon
Sync of multiple computers 15mb 1GB
File sharing capability Icon Icon
Mobile access Grey Icon iPhone, iPad and Android

One feature that sets MyPC Backup apart from its sister companies is the company's blog, which provides readers with the latest news in the online backup world, as well as suggestions about how to maximize their backups and protect their computers from all sorts of malicious attacks.

On the technical level, one of the most appreciated features offered by MyPC Backup is the ability to sync files between multiple computers so that it can be accessed as conveniently as possible. The information is backed up securely on each computer which also provides peace of mind to each user.

Equally useful is the drag and drop technology which users can employ to sync and backup their files. This allowance makes it possible for users to simply place their desired files directly into the system without having to save it in a special or complicated way.

Finally, we felt it necessary to mention the file versioning feature offered by MyPC Backup, which is standard among most top online backup solutions, but still remarkably helpful. This feature allows users to access previous versions of their files in case a newer one was damaged, corrupted or changed in an undesirable way.

Storage Space

The difference between the Home, Premium and Unlimited plans lies in the amount of storage space offered. Though each plan only offers 1GB of sync space, users can choose between 75GB in the Home Plan, 250GB of storage in the Premium Plan, or Unlimited storage, which, of course, can be received only in the Unlimited plan. At the time of this MyPC Backup review, only files up to 5GB can be stored in a paid account, and files stored in a free account are limited to 2MB each.

Ease of Use

Registering for and downloading MyPC Backup is a breeze.  The prompts are simple to follow on their own, but the website also provides a typewritten explanation of how to set up the system, complete with screenshots for those who prefer a visual guide, as well as an audio accompaniment to the download process.  Following the initial setup, users can customize the interface as they see fit, by backing up additional files, adding computers or connecting with a mobile device.  The instructions for these tasks were equally straightforward, with large illustrated buttons direction users where they need to go at a glance. 

Mypcbackup -in -screenshot

We found it helpful that the system provided live updates as the backup was occurring so that we could know how much time remained and how much backing up was left, information which provided more comfort than practicality.  We were also intrigued by the pause and stop buttons which could potentially be useful in the unlikely event that a user would want to stop the backup for any reason. 

Mypcbackup -in -screenshot4


Like the other online backup services offered by Just Develop It, MyPC Backup stores every customer file as securely as possible using the latest 256bit encryption security to ensure that every file is entirely secure at all times. This form of security, also known as AES security, uses an intricate encryption method that is secure enough for the most fastidious of computer users, including the US government. All files are stored in Virginia in Amazon s3 data centers.

Customer Support

MyPC Backup users can seek personal assistance via email, or can search for answers independently using the company's highly organized help center, an FAQ section and videos detailing how the service works.  We emailed My PC Backup at 2:46am EST on a Wednesday and received an answer slightly more than seven hours later, which we felt was reasonable, though slightly longer than the response time we experienced when testing JustCloud and ZipCloud.  We were satisfied however, that the answer was professional and helpful, and that it provided us with the information we needed to execute the desired tasks. 

Mypcbackup -in -screenshot2

During the course of this MyPC Backup review we also tested the company's online 'community', which is basically the fancy term for its presence on Twitter and Facebook.  There's no question that the company responds to inquiries sent via its social channels as evidenced by the smattering of posts we read, but we didn't see an extremely active community on either platform.  Facebook posts were slightly more frequent than Twitter posts, but many were geared towards resellers rather than actual users. 

Mypcbackup -in -screenshot3


Icon -review -v

Positive Features

  • Best value compared to competing services
  • User has full control over which files are backed up and when
  • Drag and drop syncing makes file sharing easy
  • Competitively priced
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Negative Features

  • Not many packages to choose from

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