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ZipCloud Review

Launched in 2011, ZipCloud is often mislabeled as the identical twin of JustCloud.  While the sites and services are quite similar, however  ZipCloud's prices are also notably lower than those of JustCloud.  If you're in the market for reliable and affordable online backup software, read this ZipCloud review to determine if this is the solution you've been looking for. 



ZipCloud offers three paid packages; the Home Plan, the Premium Plan and the Unlimited Plan which are priced as follows:

 Payment Term Home Plan Premium Plan Unlimited Plan
1 Month $5.56 $6.36 $7.96
6 Months $4.76 $5.56 $7.16
Total: $28.56 Total: $33.36 Total: $42.96
12 Months $3.96/month $4.76/month $6.36/month
Total: $47.52 Total: 57.12 Total: $76.32
24 Months $3.59/month $3.96/month $5.56/month
Total: $86.16 Total: $95.04 Total: $133.44

ZipCloud customers can pay by PayPal, Visa, Mastercard or American Express.  The company does not accept payment by cash or check. 

A limited free trial version of ZipCloud is also available, though users can only sync up to 15MB of data and can only backup files sized 2MB or less and the trial will only function for 14 days.

The company does not publish the pricing for its business plan clearly on its website, but we contacted the customer service center (see below) to get the scoop on the business pricing.

ZipCloud business users can choose between four payment plans and three amounts of storage to ensure that they'll have a plan that best meets the needs of their business.

  100GB Plan 250GB Plan 500GB
1 Month $15.99 $27.99 $39.99
3 Months $14.66/month $25.33/month $37.33/month
Total: $28.56 Total: $75.99 Total: $111.99
6 Months $79.98/month $23.33/month $33.33/month
Total: $79.98 Total:$139.98 Total:$199.98
1 Year $12.00/month $21/month $30.00
Total: $144 Total: $252 Total:$360


ZipCloud offers a range of features designed to attract both standard computer users and those who require the heavier storage that businesses demand.  ZipCloud offers the same range of features to both its business and standard users, and the primary difference between the packages is the amount of storage available.  Standard users receive 1GB of storage with a paid account while business clients receive 100GB of storage space. 

Feature Free Version Paid Version
Automatic backup Once daily Once daily
File Versioning Icon Icon
Access from anywhere Grey Icon Icon
Sync of multiple computers 15mb 1GB
File sharing capability Icon Icon
Mobile access Grey Icon iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry

The features offered by ZipCloud are relatively standard, but what sets the company apart is the convenience with which each feature can be accessed.  ZipCloud's website shows visual examples of how each mobile app looks so that users can get a feel for it before downloading, and a regularly updated event log lets you see how your files were saved at a glance.  File sharing is done quickly and conveniently through the sync feature, where users can post their files to social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, or share via email with a select audience. 

The ability to backup a user's files manually is another feature which is noteworthy though hardly unique.  Still, users who want to know that they have complete control of their backups will appreciate the ease with which this task can be achieved using ZipCloud. 

Of specific convenience is the ability for users to access their files from any computer or mobile location.  ZipCloud's mobile version is geared to users at all technical levels which is a marked achievement in an age when many mobile applications are suited more to experienced cell phone users.   

The sync feature is also one of the standout features offered by ZipCloud as it enables users to transfer, view and share files between multiple computers with the click of a button.  Users need only to drag the desired file into the folder and it will automatically appear in the sync folder of the other computers set up to receive the sync.  Overall, we found the no-frills navigation offered by ZipCloud to be completely refreshing.  While other software companies overcomplicate their offerings to seem more impressive, the beauty of ZipCloud is in the way it merges efficiency with simplicity. 

Storage Space

When it comes to storage space, users should understand that ZipCloud offers different capabilities for file syncing and file storage.  Though new users may be confused by all of the options, it's helpful to note that users can upgrade their account easily anytime they have the need for additional storage space.

 Plan Sync Space Storage Space
Free Plan 15MB 2MB
Home Plan 1GB 75GB
Premium Plan 1GB 250GB
Unlimited Plan 1GB Unlimited Storage

Users are also given 1GB of sync space, an allowance that can be increased for an additional fee.

ZipCloud's website also touts the company's business plan which provides up to 100GB of storage space, though the price for this package is not immediately evident anywhere on the site, which is a bit frustrating. 

Ease of Use

Like JustCloud, ZipCloud flaunts an extremely user-friendly website that makes registration and setup extremely simple.  Unlike many other software services which require users to create a complicated password or to click on a confirmation link before downloading, ZipCloud lets users register and download immediately without having to check their mail, saving time and reducing the hassle of the setup process.  Additionally convenient is that users can login immediately via Facebook if they don't wish to create a unique ZipCloud account.  This convenience can certainly eliminate the headache of having to remember yet another username and password. 

During the download and setup process ZipCloud's website provides a clear, step-by-step guide of how to download the software, something which is likely unnecessary for savvy computer users, but can make things significantly easier for those who are unfamiliar with the download process. 

Zipcloud -in -screenshot

After the software is installed users are directed to choose the file they wish to backup so that they can secure their files instantly.

Zipcloud -in -screenshot1

We truly appreciated that ZipCloud informed us of what time the next backup would be and how much storage space we'd used.  What we found a bit strange was that the popup screen said that our files weren't protected.  When we pressed the 'protect now' button, however, nothing happened.  As a result, we didn't fully understand why the files weren't protected.  Still, since we had already received a confirmation of the most recent backup, we felt confident that the files were protected and backed up sufficiently. 

Zipcloud -in -screenshot2


ZipCloud uses the latest 256bit AES security to ensure that every file it backs up is completely secure.  This form of security uses a complex encryption method that is also relied upon by the United States government to secure its top secret data.  All files are stored in Virginia in Amazon s3 data centers. 

Customer Support

ZipCloud does not provide any customer support by phone, but it does offer quick and helpful support via email.  Like JustCloud, ZipCloud claims that 95% of all email inquiries receive a response within 2 hours.  We emailed ZipCloud at 1:35pm EST on a Tuesday afternoon, and received a response in just over one hour, which was a truly impressive response time. 

Zipcloud -in -screenshot3

Tech savvy users can also contact the company via its Facebook and Twitter pages, both of which tend to post responses to users' inquiries in a timely fashion. 

Users or interested consumers looking for information that does not require a personal response can also browse the company's thorough help center which includes explanatory videos and straightforward responses to dozens of frequently asked questions which are broken down into sections so that visitors can find their desired answers quickly and easily.  The help center also includes a search feature which provided relevant answers to all of our trial searches. 


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Positive Features

  • User-friendly platform
  • Top notch security and reliability
  • Runs comfortably without slowing down the user's computer
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Negative Features

  • Very limited free trial

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