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  • Based in Ottawa, Canada
  • MyFax is a service provided by Protus, a company founded in 1997 that provides a range of software-based services such as virtual office services and email marketing services


One thing you'll want to consider about MyFax packages is that they only offer an annual plan for their cheapest package. If you choose that annual plan, you'll get one month free - which bumps the monthly price down to $9.17 on average for a 12-month period. Additionally, it doesn't really pay under any circumstances to use their second tier plan. Even if you buy the lowest-tier plan and run into overage charges, you'll never reach the point where you're paying more than the second tiered plan. It does however makes sense to select the third plan if you plan to use over 600 total fax pages.


Features Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3
Number of Pages      100 Outgoing
200 Incoming
200 Outgoing
200 Incoming
400 Outgoing
400 Incoming
Price Per Month $10 $20 $40
Overage Charge Per Page       10¢ 10¢ 10¢

Ease of Use

MyFax obviously makes a strong effort to ensure that its product is highly usable. As soon as you've signed up for MyFax, you'll receive an email with a 1-minute demo on how to send a fax along with a "Quick Reference Guide". They also send email tips following signup to notify users of useful features that they might not otherwise have found. Their setup Wizard also makes it simple to adjust important preferences in one process, instead of searching through the user interface to accomplish the same goal.

MyFax Setup Wizard: An Overview

One of the standout features of MyFax is their "Setup Wizard". Most other services require you to go to different parts of their online interface to adjust preferences but MyFax handles most of that information in a one-shot guided setup process.

Using the Wizard, you can:

  • Add additional email addresses from which you can send faxes
  • Change your confirmation email address
  • Set the header line that you want sent with your faxes (i.e. John Smith, ABC Hardware Company)
  • Set up the default country code you want to display when you send faxes
  • Configure the amount of time you want to save sent and received faxes
  • Adjust notification settings. In other words, you can decide whether you want notifications of inbound faxes sent to your email or if you just want notifications that they've arrived
  • Set up the email addresses where you'd like to receive faxes or notifications (maximum of 5 allowed)

The Setup Wizard will save you time in comparison to other services where you'll need to search the online interface to get the same work done.

Customer Support

MyFax offers toll-free phone support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Of all of the providers that we tested, they were the fastest to answer the phone with a live representative with an average of 30 seconds. MyFax also sends an email immediately after you sign up for their service with a 1-minute demo on how to send a fax.

They answered all of our questions helpfully with the exception of one of our email inquiries, which for some reason, they missed.

Myfax _screenshot1 Customer support email

MyFax also has an online support section that contains helpful information like FAQs, tutorials and user guides.

We called and emailed MyFax 3 times to gauge their responsiveness and the accuracy of those responses. Note the results in the table below.

Phone Support

Answered by Live Person Time Elapsed Question Answer
Yes 30 seconds How do I transfer my existing fax number? Sent PDF file with instructions immediately.
Yes 25 seconds Can I schedule a fax delivery? Gave verbal instructions immediately.
Yes 34 seconds Can I change my plan at any time? You can change the plan at any time. They will prorate the charges for your bill.

Email Support

Answered Time Elapsed Question Answer
Yes 4hrs., 37mins Are there porting charges? $20 Fee
Yes 10hrs., 55mins. Can I schedule a fax delivery? Yes. Click "Show Options" section at bottom of user interface to see delivery options.
Did not receive response N/A Can I change my plan at any time? N/A

MyFax also has a pop-up chat service through which a customer service representative may contact you to offer help while you are browsing their site. This feature can be specifically useful for customers or potential customers who want instant responses but aren't interesting in calling customer support.

Fax Transmission Speed

We sent five faxes using MyFax's online service at random times of the day to find out how long it would take for each fax to reach its destination. We found that MyFax's faxes were transmitted in an average of 2 minutes and 48 seconds. The average fax time for all of the providers we tested was 2 minutes and 36 seconds, or 9% faster than MyFax.

Transferring Existing Fax Numbers

The fastest way to get instructions from MyFax on transferring your existing number to your online account, is to call MyFax phone support. When you do, they'll request your email address so that they can send you instructions and two necessary documents in a PDF document.

In the PDF file, they'll provide you with two documents to fill out, a porting cover sheet and a letter of authorization. For the porting cover sheet, you'll need to fill in your name, email address and phone number as well as your MyFax account number. For the letter of authorization, you'll need to input your name, address, the service you're using (MyFax), the number you want transferred as well as your name, signature and date.

MyFax also notes in the PDF file that:

  1. You'll be charged $20 to transfer the number
  2. Toll Free numbers may take 5-10 business days to transfer
  3. Once the transfer is completed, you'll be notified via email


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Positive Features

  • MyFax phone support was fast and accurate in our testing.
  • Setup Wizard takes you through several important steps so you don't have to search through the program to configure your settings.
  • MyFax gives you a convenient way to know how many of your included fax pages you've used up for the month. Inside their online interface, they show a simple graph of how many pages you've sent and received and what percentage you've used for the month.
  • MyFax sends a link to an instructional video in their initial confirmation email after you purchase the product.
  • MyFax offers vanity numbers.
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Negative Features

  • Overage charges (10¢ per page) are among the most expensive of any provider we reviewed.
  • MyFax doesn't offer plans targeted towards very heavy usage. Their largest plan includes 400 incoming and outgoing pages.
  • MyFax charges $20 to transfer an existing number to their service.

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