In only 3 short years since its formation, has built a solid reputation for reliable VoIP service with professional-grade features. The company's premier packages are its Home Phone Plus plans for residential VoIP users and Virtual Office plans which provide VoIP for business use. If you're looking for a plan that is fully-featured and reasonably-priced, may be just what you're looking for.

Company Information

Founded in: 2007
Headquarters: Livingston, NJ


Pricing offers a range of plans and packages to meet different phone and budgetary needs. We've compared the price per month and calculated the estimated annual fees which include taxes and regulatory surcharges so that you can see at a glance which plan is best for you.

Plan Price per Month Estimated Annual Cost Overage Charges
Home Phone Plus 250 Minutes $9.88 $118.56 4.9¢
Home Phone Plus Unlimited $17.88/month
with annual contract
with annual contract
with no contract
$238.56/no contract
Business VoIP 300 Minutes $9.88/month
with annual contract
with annual contract
with no contract
$204/no contract
Business VoIP 600 Minutes $19.88/month
with annual contract
with annual contract
with no contract
$334.56/no contract
Business VoIP 1000 Minutes $34.88/month
with annual contract
with annual contract
with no contract
$528/no contract
Business VoIP 2500 Minutes $69.88/month
with annual contract
with annual contract
with no contract
$960/no contract

It is worth noting that's overage charges are among the highest of the best VoIP services. Still, the best value for's business VoIP plans is the 300 minute plan, as you'll need to speak for over 2000 minutes in order to exceed the costs of the 600 minute or 1000 minute plans. The primary benefit of plans with 600 minutes or more is the ability to get two phone numbers while the 300 minute plan offers only one line. The 1000 and 2500 minute plans each come with 3 lines. As an alternative, if you want to enjoy unlimited minutes for a single VoIP business line, you can combine unlimited calling to a 300 minute plan for around $25 extra per month.

To enhance your business VoIP experience, sells a range of VoIP office phones that cost between $99.95 and $229.95 per month. When using these phones, users will also be charged an additional $4.88 per month. In addition, offers international calls for an additional fee (which is a standard offering of the top VoIP providers), and a plethora of other services that may enhance your user experience, especially if you're using your VoIP phone for a small business. These features include:

Features Price
Voicemail to text transcription 25 cents per voicemail
Vanity numbers $25 setup fee
800 toll free numbers $35 setup fee
Professional recording services Price varies
Softphone service $1.95/month

Features offers a wide range of extra features that rival (if not surpass) the features offered by other top VoIP companies. While most of these features aren't specifically critical, you may be surprised to find out how much you truly enjoying customizing your new VoIP phone.

Feature Plan Feature Plan
  Virtual Office Home Phone+   Virtual Office Home Phone+
Address Book v_sign v_sign Fax out capabilities v_sign v_sign
After Hours Greetings v_sign v_sign Global Numbers v_sign x_grey_sign
Analog Phone Adapter - Add-On v_sign v_sign HD Voice (Hi Definition) v_sign x_grey_sign
Area Code & Local Phone Selection v_sign v_sign Hold Music - Bring Your Own v_sign v_sign
Block Surcharged Calls v_sign x_grey_sign Hold Music - Hold Music - Pre Recorded v_sign v_sign
Call Blocking v_sign v_sign In-Call Features v_sign v_sign
Call Forwarding v_sign v_sign International Call Blocking v_sign v_sign
Call Handling Rules (routing calls to different destinations) v_sign v_sign Internet Voicemail Services v_sign v_sign
Call Logs v_sign v_sign Internet Voicemail Services: Email & Internet Voicemail Delivery v_sign v_sign
Call Recording v_sign v_sign Local Number Porting (Transferring) v_sign v_sign
Call Transfer v_sign v_sign Menus (IVR) v_sign x_grey_sign
Call Voice Tagging v_sign v_sign Mobile Office v_sign v_sign
Call Waiting v_sign v_sign Mobile VoIP v_sign x_grey_sign
Caller ID v_sign v_sign Online Account Management v_sign v_sign
Caller ID Block v_sign v_sign Outbound Calls v_sign v_sign
Caller ID Routing v_sign v_sign Take Your Phone with You v_sign v_sign
Calling Cards v_sign v_sign Professional Recording Services v_sign v_sign
Chatcalls v_sign v_sign Schedules v_sign v_sign
Click to Call Buttons v_sign v_sign SMS Send & Receive v_sign v_sign
Call Conferencing v_sign x_grey_sign Support 24x7 v_sign v_sign
Personalized Recorded Greetings v_sign x_grey_sign Text to Greeting v_sign v_sign
Dial-by-Name Directory v_sign x_grey_sign Three Way Calling v_sign v_sign
Do Not Disturb v_sign x_grey_sign Toll Free Phone Numbers v_sign x_grey_sign
E911 / 911 Dialing v_sign v_sign Unlimited Calling v_sign v_sign
Multiple Extensions v_sign x_grey_sign Vanity Toll-Free Phone Numbers v_sign x_grey_sign
Virtual Phone Attendant v_sign x_grey_sign Voicemail & Fax Notifications v_sign v_sign
Voicemail v_sign v_sign

Sound Quality

We tested's service by calling other VoIP phones, landline phones and cell phones and by receiving calls from different sources as well. The sound quality was truly excellent, with no static, tinny voices or blurred sounds. We called five unsuspecting people, who ranked the service between 4 and 5 stars. Not surprisingly, the users listening on landline phones were the ones who gave the highest ranking, which may be an indication that our test subjects' VoIP lines were faulty, rather than our VoIP service. Although there were instances in which call recipients claimed they could not hear us well, we had no problem hearing other people in all of our test calls - even when the speakerphone was used.

Customer Support

A quick look at's customer service offerings can make consumers feel confident that they'll receive customer support any time they need it. For starters, is one of the only residential VoIP providers that offers 24/7 phone support. It is also one of the only VoIP providers that offer chat support. Upon closer examination, however, we found that although the company offers 24/7 support, their representatives weren't always available. Multiple calls to's customer support center during regular business hours were met with hold times of 10 minutes or more. In contrast, calls during off-peak hours were answered relatively quickly. Equally frustrating, offers popup chat assistance - a feature which is particularly useful if you have questions while navigating the site. When this system worked, it was, in fact, extremely enjoyable. We were disturbed to find, however, that on several occasions we received an invitation to chat when the service was not available.

Phone -com -in -screenshot1 Email from
Phone -com -in -screenshot Chat with support

We were impressed to see that our test email to received a response in less than 10 minutes, which was markedly faster than every other VoIP customer service team we tested. The FAQ sections and user guides were very helpful, but the company's forums were both outdated and largely irrelevant. Still, a scan of the forums indicated that's staff members do take time to respond to inquiries posted there, as infrequent as they may be.

Perhaps most impressive was the thorough follow up we received from a customer support agent named Amber, who spent nearly 20 minutes chatting with us, then followed up with an unsolicited email. On our second day of service, we heard no dial tone and chatted with Amber in an attempt to solve the problem. After Amber suggested several solutions, she suggested that we reboot our router, which would require us to disconnect the chat. We later discovered that the problem was a result of a broken phone wire, and was not connected to in any way. The next day, we received an email from Amber, offering additional assistance. This follow-up was both surprising and remarkable, as it was obvious that was truly devoted to ensuring that our VoIP system was working.

Phone -com -in -screenshot4 Follow up email from

Ease of Use

Setting up a account was somewhat straightforward, though once the ordering process was complete insufficient information was supplied about what to do next or how to proceed. The registration process included several security precautions which was simultaneously reassuring and time-consuming. The registration confirmation email asked us to confirm the shipping address. When we attempted to change it, we were surprised to see that we were blocked from doing so, and we had to call customer support for assistance. Another thing that was rather disconcerting was the fact that the email confirmation did not include the new phone number, so we could not give out the number without first tracking it down.

The hardware arrived within 2 business days and it had instructions to visit a specific URL which provided step-by-step setup instructions. Installing the hardware was surprisingly easy and the system worked beautifully in 10 minutes as the instructions promised.

We also tested out several of's features to evaluate how straightforward the system is. Our first task was to create a greeting, which we did extremely easily. The directions were easy-to-follow, the greeting sounded professional and it was uploaded quickly. We also attempted to request SMS messages to accompany each voicemail, and found the process equally intuitive. Overall, we were impressed by the clean user-interface of the control panel and the simplicity with which we could customize our VoIP phone line.

Phone -com -in -screenshot2 Creating a Greeting
Phone -com -in -screenshot3 Requesting SMS messages

Money Back Guarantee

If you choose to cancel your service within 30 days, you will be eligible for their 30 day full money back guarantee, providing that you return the hardware. will provide you with a FedEx envelope to use for your return, and they will likely pay for the return shipping, if you ask them to. If you cancel your plan after 30 days, you will receive a pro-rated refund for the time remaining on your plan. If you committed to the annual plan, you will also be charged a $54.95 cancellation fee.


  • No free second line
  • Account information not confirmed upon registration
  • Exceptionally long hold times for support during business hours
  • 24/7 phone support
  • Excellent call quality
  • Robust features included in all plans
  • Easy setup

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