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3 Types of Landing Pages and When to Use Them

Your landing page is the front and center stage of your online presence. What you have here will be the center of any conversion-focused campaign. The unfortunate reality is that most people generally do not utilize their landing pages wisely. It is truly a detriment to the business to not implement the best strategy for your landing page. Prevent the giant disservice you’d be doing your business by reading onwards to discover the three types of landing pages and when to use them:

  1. The opt-in bribe landing page
  2. The video landing page
  3. The product landing page

Each landing page has a specific emphasis and role, and depending on what your business needs are, can be best utilized accordingly. We will discuss how to use and how to improve each type.

The opt-in bribe landing page

This is one of the most common types of landing pages in the books. There is usually a brand image, some copy, and an opt-in form to follow. They opt-in can usually be for a newsletter, e-book, or a guide.

This type of landing page words because of these four elements:

  1. The image – a product image or graphic visualizes the product and gives an aesthetic “face” to a name.
  2. The headline – This is the first line that visitors see upon visiting your website. This is crucial for grabbing the reader’s attention and getting the “big picture” of your product or service.
  3. Opt-in form – This form should be short, with a maximum of 3 fields. Being easy to fill out will eliminate a lot of friction.
  4. Sweet and simple copy – the copy should encapsulate the web visitor and have them wanting to explore more of what your product or service has to offer. It should be kept short and sweet. If it gets too verbose, you could lose your visitor’s attention.

You can improve your opt-in landing page by adding the following:

  • Testimonials from recognized authorities or customers
  • “As Seen On” logos and badges
  • Two-step download buttons. This removes the opt-in form option and replaces it with a button. Clicking the button takes the visitors to the form.
  • A section about your company in order to build trust and grow personability.

The video landing page

This landing page focuses exclusively on the video. It involves removing the play/pause button and using a blank background so viewers can focus on the video. Some pages even disable the volume control. It will not redirect the visitor to a download or sales page until after they have watched the video.

Video landing pages work because there is more user intent. Any button or form that shows up after watching the video is more likely to be clicked if the visitor spent time watching the entire video. There are also no distractions since the only thing the visitor consumes is the video. Videos are also more engaging than plain text or images.

The two core elements of a video landing page are the video and the form, button, or landing page. Be sure to consider the following when improving your video landing page:

  • Video duration – the video shouldn’t be too long or too short.
  • Post-video content – be sure to decide whether pop-up forms, buttons or redirection to a separate landing page is better for you.

The product landing page

As the name suggests, this landing page focuses on a product. This type of landing page works well because it focuses on features and the readers get a complete idea of what the product is, what it solves, and how it works. It also shows off the product visually.

The product detail landing page is extremely flexible. Most pages have the following features:

  • A hero image + strong copy above the fold
  • A list of feature or benefits
  • Pricing and how to buy
  • An “about” section

Whatever your landing page may be, be sure to test out the features to see what sort of elements create the most conversions.


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