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4 Benefits of a Mobile Optimized Website

Accessing the internet through many different means has become a norm in our present-day society. Pull out your laptop, tablet, gaming device, watch, or mobile device. It will more likely than not offer a method to reach the online world. Hence, having a website that accommodates a wide selection of mobile devices is vital to your business and your customers’ user experience.

A report in 2013 indicated that on average, mobile devices resulted in 15% of all web traffic. More recently, it has been reported that mobile traffic now exceeds desktop traffic. Companies such as Yelp show 55% of all searches are done through mobile devices. It is inevitable to say that mobile optimization is in fact crucial.

The last thing your business needs is a completely untapped market simply because you didn’t want to go through the measure of ensuring your website was mobile friendly. Convenience is your customer’s friend, not yours.

So what are the benefits of a mobile-optimized website? Find them below:

Optimized User Experience

Studies indicate that 60% of mobile users in the past 12 months have encountered problems whilst browsing websites, which led to them exiting the page. The last thing you want is your potential or current customers to have to leave your website disgruntled after an unruly user experience. Build yourself a competitive edge by being the standard in not only in your quality customer service but also your quality mobile optimized website.

Increase in Amount of Time Spent on Site

Time is of the essence. With the limited amount of it to encapsulate your web visitor into perusing your website for even just ten seconds longer, having a mobile-optimized website could increase chances of such an occurrence. The easier it is for your visitor to navigate through pages, the more likely they will want to spend more time on your page. The more time they spend on your page, the more likely they are to have created an impression in their head for which, in turn, would lead to them purchasing your product or service, or, to at least know where to go should they want to consider purchasing in the future.

Faster Website Loading Speed

Speed is inevitably important since time is limited. A mobile ready website will load quickly because the coding is structured for it. A 1-second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. If an e-commerce website generates $100,000 per day, a 1-second page delay could cost $2.5 million in lost sales every year. Why pay such a heavy price for an easy fix? The world of instant gratification fully serves its purpose through these costs.

Improved Mobile SEO

Search engine optimization is crucial for attracting web visitors. They are a means for boosting the amount of attention your site gets. Mobile SEO is essentially its own separate category because, if you or your webmaster do not build your site as responsive, a separate HTML website is needed for mobile users. This will increase the likelihood of your website ranking better in Google search results.


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