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4 Reasons Why Blogging is Good for your Small Business

Blogging is a great outlet to share thoughts, experiences, and ideas with your followers and customers. It allows you to reach your customers even when they are not physically at your store or looking to buy a product/service on your website. It also allows a means for you to publicize a few happenings within your business. Regardless of how you may form your blog and for what reasons they may be for, it can and will serve as a valuable asset for your small business success. Here are the top four reasons why blogging is good for your business:

Increase Customer Engagement

Blogs provide a source for you and your business to connect with your customers by sharing content and providing an outlet for a response. Not only do blogs provide a steady stream of connection and interaction with your clientele, but also it improves your SEO organically through your valuable written content. Truly a win-win type of situation: your customers are happy because they are staying informed, and your website is maintaining and improving its web presence.

Improve Website SEO

Blog posts are a great way to beef up your website with keyword rich content. For example, if your business caters to a specific service that users often search for on Google, try writing a blog post on the most effective way to satisfy their need. For example, a catering business would be wise to write blog posts about top traits to look for in a caterer. A consultant could find great value in writing blogs on their insight on certain issues in order to show how knowledgeable they are.

Drive More Traffic to Your Site

SEO will ultimately drive traffic to your website. The more blog posts you write, the more keywords the SEO crawlers will pick up for the search engine. The more keywords, the more likely your online business will rise in the ranks. The more your online business rises in the ranks, the more it will generate web traffic, given that potential and current customers will be able to find your business sooner when they search.

Showcases Your Company Culture

The breadth of your blog posts can truly showcase the personality of your business and your business culture. Perhaps your blog provides the perfect outlet to show company successes, whether it be internal or external. Or maybe writing about a current event that will impact the state of the industry you’re in could give your current and prospective clients the peace of mind it needs. Create your own fireside chats that will boost your company’s reputation.

If your online business already has a blog section, keep up the good work! Be sure to continue pushing out content that is valuable for you and your customers. Work towards imparting valuable knowledge to anyone who views your website for your services, given that it will bolster your business credibility. It’s time to hunker down and crunch out some words. The health and wealth of your small business depends on it.


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