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7 Traits of Reliable, Successful Web Hosting Providers

Online and small-to-medium business (SMB) owners are always on the lookout for the best web hosting providers. The continued existence of their trade relies on finding a provider that caters to all their business needs.

If you haven’t searched for the best solution provider, then it’s about time you started. While your current hosting provider may be offering you a package that keeps you happy, it doesn’t necessarily mean there isn’t a better choice out there.

So, let’s have a look at the 7 traits of reliable, successful web hosting providers. Does your provider stack up? If not, it’s time to make the switch.

1. They have been around for years.

Yes, you might argue that being around for a while doesn’t mean a company is successful. But if you had to choose between a company that has kept its doors open for 10 or more years and one that, with similar reviews, has been online for just 3 years, which one would you really trust?

Being able to survive in a highly competitive market is a good sign that the people in charge know how to cut it in the web hosting business.

2. Their brand is well-established.

You can probably name three web hosting companies off the top of your head. Being recognized from among the dozens of major players in the hosting industry should be a proud plus for any company. This is an indication that, apart from their technology efforts, they know how to reach out and connect with the likes of you – their demographic customer base.

3. Only good things are reported about them.

A web hosting provider that is never at the center of a data loss or hacking disaster may be a good one. The best of them, on the other hand, are praised by their customers and reviewers.

Do some research and find out which companies are praised for their customer handling and services, error resolutions and low downtime. Keep track of these benchmarks so you can isolate the shining stars in the web hosting industry. Or, you can simply visit a website that already has the data all ready for you.

4. They take security seriously.

When you visit the websites of some hosting providers, there are passwords, CAPTCHAs and other verification methods you have to go through before you can reach your dashboard. It can be frustrating. And then, whenever you need to delve deeper (like into your mailbox or your MySQL server,) there are even more authentication procedures you need to go through.

As trying as it may seem, try to understand all these security features are in place to protect you, the customer. Frustrating as multiple logins can be, each login makes you and your data more secure. You should in fact laud them for their efforts.

5. They have abundant resources.

Three main things that’ll have a big impact on the performance of your website – and hence the quality of service you will be able to offer your clients – are page load speeds, available bandwidth and the amount of storage space you’re able to use.

Many hosting providers offer “unlimited” resources. How unlimited can anything be when you know this provider has a bottom line? Do you really think they would give away what is basically their main source of income?

Look for a hosting provider that’ll let you stretch your dollars the most. Don’t forget to check how big a mailbox they’ll let you have and if there are any limits on the amount of email you will be allowed to send out.

6. They offer lots of bells and whistles in all packages.

A web hosting provider that can offer you plenty of features – even when you’ve signed up for their smallest package – is a company to admire. Even if you don’t use every feature offered, you can one day expand your online presence and have all the latest technology at your disposal.

7. They have rapid and precise support.

You can tell how good a hosting company’s support system is right from the outset. When you first contact them to find out about their packages or offers, make note of how cooperative and knowledgeable the agents are. Keep track of how quickly they reply. After all, you’ll need to rely on some quick and precise support should your website or hosting servers crash.

Tally up and go for it!

Tally up the score and consider switching to any provider that meets these seven traits. Once you know what every company offers, compare them with your current hosting provider. If things are better with the new choices, consider making a transition. At the very least, contact your hosting providers and see if they can add some of the features they currently lack.

If not, you know what to do!




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