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Our Best Web Hosts for Beginners

shutterstock_159551774Online presence is something that has become a crucial part of our lives today. Businesses can never be taken seriously when they don’t have a website. Even individuals need to have a site if they want to promote themselves or any of their products they intend to sell. It is after realizing this that more and more people are going online to create a website every single day.

For those that are just venturing into the e-world, one of the very first obstacles they come across is designing a website. Once they have figured out exactly what they want in a site , and have it up and running, they are faced with the second and even bigger problem – choosing the best web host for it. To help with making that choice, we will look at three of the best web hosts for beginners – iPage, 1&1 and HostGator – and explain why they have become popular with first time users across the world.

iPage Web Hosting – Simplicity and Security

With over ten years’ experience under its belt, iPage has accumulated a wealth of knowledge on exactly what its customers need. The company prides itself in offering great flexibility without confusing customers on how to go about making use of the products. The three main focus points a beginner should always take into consideration is ease of designing their website the way they need it to be, being able to stay in contact with their clients and visitors, and ensuring that their sites are secure – both for themselves and their clients. It is on these exact points that iPage delivers the best in the industry.

iPage makes building websites from scratch a breeze. The site caters to clients that opt to use designing packages like Expressions or Dreamweaver and then want to host them on their sites or rather use drag-and-drop online designers that allow them to build sites with pre-designed templates and features like Wix.

With regards to email, iPage takes communication quite seriously and guarantees that every client is offered a quick-delivering system that has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to spam. Clients get an unlimited number of mailboxes and forwarding addresses that are backed with the latest versions of all the technologies involved. For large businesses or organization, iPage even facilitates the use of Microsoft Exchange servers, thus ensuring a corporate-quality email system. When it comes to security, iPage doesn’t take any chances. The provider guarantees 100% security to their clients, whom they place behind a wall of firewalls, database lockdowns, encryptions and the expertise of its system administrators. First time website owners can rest assured that they get the best of everything at a great price when it comes to iPage.

1&1 Web Hosting – Best Offer at Low Price

1&1 Hosting prides itself in providing premium service at unbelievably low prices.  And even then, the company makes sure that their clients stay happy by showering them with plenty of freebies.

1&1 Web Hosting , it seems, has taken to heart the issues that first-time website normally face. For example, one thing that usually frightens novices is their not knowing whether or not they are paying for good service. 1&1 assuages these fears by letting clients try out their full services for free over a span of 30 days. Those that find the hosting is not up to their expectation get a full-refund with the company’s blessing thrown in. For those that do decide to stay on, there is the choice of flexible monthly payments.

Once on-board, clients continue to get easy-to-use features like being able to upgrade (or downgrade) their plans with just one click of a button. In fact, 1&1 offers a full set of web services that meet every need, skill level and budget. Nothing proves these points better than MyWebsite, a tool that allows for corporate sites to be designed with very little tech know-how. Further proof of the ease-of-use of their products lies in the fact that, at present, 1&1 has over 13.87 million clients – all these people simply can’t be wrong.

HostGator – Overall User Friendliness

HostGator has been in business for well over a decade. In 2008 a customer satisfaction survey showed that about 90% of their customers said they were satisfied with the company’s services – that is a considerable nod when taking into consideration that the web host has about 9 million of said customers. To name a few of its awards: from 2009 – 2011 HostGator was named the #1 Recommended Most Popular Host while WordPress and Joomla have each named them the Best Host of the year on separate occasions.

Among the features that make HostGator one of the best web hosts for beginners is Weebly – the ultimate website building tool for the non-tech website owner. All clients can create their sites on Weebly and then publish them on HostGator – a way to have a corporate website up and running within minutes.

In summary, these three hosting providers lead the pack because they offer: simplicity, ease of use, low prices and security – everything required to become the best web hosting provider for beginners.


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