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Different Types of Websites – Which One is Best for Your Business?

Not all websites are alike. Knowing the different types and understanding what they compose of can give you a better idea of what is necessary for your business.

Personal Websites

Sometimes, Internet Service Providers (ISP) will offer free server space for you to build your own website. Often, this entails features such as adding an online blog/diary and a means for you to upload a slideshow reel of family photos. Personal websites are a valuable tool for families who may want to stay connected in an intimate, personalized way. Although the sentiment behind it is great, this type of website is not best utilized for a business. It is often not search engine friendly and the limited server capabilities will limit your options for your small business website.

Professional/Resume Building Website

This type of website is perfect for the business owner who needs to build his credibility in order to sell a service. It is also good for the budding professional who is building a name for him/herself in a certain industry. This type of website could include a blurb biography, a resume, perhaps links to publications and other works you may have, and even a blog. The blog could also serve as an engaging method to keep in touch with your web visitors who may leave questions or comments.

Community Networking Websites

This is the bubble of websites that are often associated with the term, social media. Facebook and Linkedin are good examples of this. There is also an entire arena of online forums from platforms such as Reddit, where people of all climes gather based on certain niche interests. You name it, it’s probably somewhere on the depths of the Internet. Web forums and networking websites could be a valuable source of information for your business’s potential and current customers. It can keep them up to date with the latest happenings of your business, and can also provide you with a means to showcase your knowledge by responding to questions and comments.

Online Business Brochure Websites

In the Stone Ages before the Internet, we needed to strictly rely on print, radio, word of mouth, and television to spread news of a business. Now, access to millions of people globally is accessible from a computer screen. The online business brochure website is perfect for businesses that do not have products or services that can be sold online. For example, hair salons, dentistries, and day care centers might find use in having such a website to advertise their services in this effective and informative manner.

E-commerce Websites

The best example of an E-commerce website: Amazon.com. It is practically the megalodon of the sea of e-commerce. However, not everyone needs to be, or in fact, wants to be an Amazon in the realm of e-commerce. For small business owners, selling their products over their own personal website might serve a better and more personal purpose for their customer and clientele base.

So what type of website do you think will best serve your business’s purpose? Sometimes, there can be more than one! Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Am I selling a product or service? Can it be sold online?
  2. Will my potential customers benefit from knowing how knowledgeable I am in the product/service I am selling?
  3. How can I utilize social media platforms for the benefit of the business?

Finding the right fit of a website for your business could determine the potential quality and quantity of sales. One thing is for sure: If you don’t have a quality web host, the best website in the world could be deemed obsolete. Be sure to check out our list of our top web hosting services of 2018.


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