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Don’t Be A Web Hosting Dummy

After 20 years of bright yellow covers (apparently Poor Visibility for Dummies isn’t offered), the For Dummies® series has returned to its roots: offering an olive branch to the technologically illiterate among us. With the new title Web Hosting for Dummies, the series brings back memories of classic titles like DOS for Dummies and Windows for Dummies, which helped make the line of books so wildly successful in the first place.

Just like those older programs, there can be an air of exclusivity that makes web hosting seem like an elite members’ club—For Nerds Only! But, just like with older versions of the For Dummies® books, this new version could make web hosting an approachable and maybe even fun experience for new users. By leveling the theoretical playing field, anyone (yes, even you!) could successfully and easily host a website thanks to easy to follow instructions and guides.

Author Peter Pollock covers such topics as switching to dedicated hosting, setting up emails, analyzing server logs, performing your own backups, installing a platform of your choosing and much more. Obviously, the breadth of these topics is already impressive; one must also consider, however, that these questions are simplistically explained (perhaps for the first time) to uninitiated site builders. What’s more, the manual is expected to utilize the typical For Dummies® blend of encouraging relatability that never turns into condescension. Especially for do-it-yourselfers (small business owners and bloggers come to mind) this could be a one-stop shop class of custom cyber carpentry.

Web Hosting for Dummies is available online, at book sellers, and in many e-book formats, making the information ever easier to access in whatever medium readers would prefer. Do you think that this could help initiate you or other newcomers to the webmaster game? Weigh in below, and let us know what you think.


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