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Email Marketing 101: How to Make Your Email Stand Out

One of the best ways to grab your target demographics’ attention and convert them into paying customers is to use good email marketing techniques. You should always be on the lookout for ways to improve your online marketing game, especially when it comes to your email marketing strategy.

As someone who has had to deal with unsolicited emails, you know how annoying they can be – and you’ve likely deleted a ton without even opening them or redirected them to your junk folder.

The question becomes, how do you make your emails stand out so they don’t end up in junk folder, too?

Don’t panic – we’re here to help! Start with theses simple tips and hopefully you’ll see a bigger return on your email marketing strategy.

1. Master the subject line.

If you want your messages’ recipients to open your emails, make sure you pique their interest from the beginning with an engaging subject line. Some tricks you can apply include:

  • Use as few characters as possible. Most people access their email accounts using mobile devices, so you want to grab their attention fast.
  • Use emojis. Humor attracts the attention of younger generations, so liven up your subject line with relevant emojis.
  • Personalize your subject line whenever possible. Vague, generic subjects have lower open rates.
  • Add value. Let the reader know that they will gain something from opening and reading your email, like a special discount or free offer.
  • Indicate urgency. Make your audience think they will miss out on an amazing opportunity if they don’t open your email message… now!

Test subject lines to see which ones are more successful, in which geographic locations and with which demographics. Like all areas of digital marketing, email, too, needs some experimentation.

2. Make it personal.

Whenever possible, try to include your recipients’ names, birthdays or any other tags to make them feel like you’re talking to them personally. This means gathering the right information from the beginning – like when you ask them to leave their information on your website’s contact form or when you ask them to subscribe to your newsletters.

3. Use your business’ domain.

Would you open an official marketing email sent from a Gmail address? Even if the subject line captured your curiosity, you would be suspicious immediately seeing a generic email address.

Any professional business should launch its email marketing campaign via its own email service – that is attached to its domain name and hosting provider. It increases trust and reflects professionalism.

4. Know when to email.

Knowing when to send your marketing emails is critical. Various studies have been done and typically, you have the highest chances of having your marketing emails read if you send them out at night, during weekends. It is assumed that more email recipients tend to be at rest and willing to engage with emails as there are less of them being sent during these times.

Of course, you need to experiment to see what times are best for your own distinct set of targeted demographics.

5. Keep it short and to the point.

Once you get your email recipients to open your email, you need to make sure you don’t bore them. Keep the email message short and to-the-point. Don’t overdo it with lengthy narratives and over-explaining.

Use bullet points to highlight the core of the message so readers get it quickly.

6. Graphics say it better.

Your email message should have graphics and images that capture attention while telling a major part of your story. Investing in a good graphics designer, including high-quality images and even using infographics could help you get your message across quickly and clearly. You should invest in an email marketing team that will design your email to increase its aesthetic value depending on your target demographics.

7. Explain what’s next.

There’s no point sending out an email and not letting your readers know what they have to do next. Use clear language, bold fonts and images to direct their attention. Make your links and buttons stand out so that even as they read the message, they have those buttons in their peripheral vision.

8. Include strong calls-to-action.

Once you have your readers’ full attention, make them commit to the next step. Your calls-to-action should be clear and commanding. Use authoritative words that will make them take action.

Some examples include “Buy now!”, “Click here!” and “Learn more!”

And finally…

Bring all these tips together to create a stellar email marketing campaign. Monitor your results and keep tweaking away until you have an email marketing process you’re happy with that brings you the results you want..




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