Facebook and the Challenge of Mobile Advertising

facebook mobile advertisingWhether you’re starting a blog, online business or some other kind of website, it’s worth considering mobility. The big challenge for many businesses has been making their mobile site as profitable as the site that users access from desktops and laptops. On the small screen of a cell phone, adding ads to the layout can be very annoying and make sites difficult to use. They also make for slower loading times, which mobile users simply do not have the patience for. This challenge is only going to become more important as mobile computing becomes more popular and in many countries around the world internet access is primarily mobile.

And this phenomenon isn’t just limited to small businesses. Facebook seems to be feeling the crunch at least as much as everyone else.  They expect the growth rate for mobile users to climb above their overall growth rate pretty soon and the company will need to find a way to continue making money. According to analysts, part of the problem is that mobile users are much more likely to be goal-oriented. They may sign in just to post a status or send a quick message, as opposed to desktop users who are more likely to browse and eventually click on ads.

There’s no knowing what this really means for Facebook however. The regular website was ad-free for a long time while it drew new users and the strategy may be similar for the mobile site.  They also took their time getting out an app for the iPhone and some analysts surmise that this may have been an attempt to get more people to use the browser based version of the site, rather than going through Apple.

If even Facebook is facing this kind of question, you can imagine the challenge this will present to smaller businesses without the same resources at their disposal. But they may have a plan, so keep a close eye out and you may just be able to look to Facebook for some ideas!


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