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Hosting Providers with Our Best Web Building Support

shutterstock_198813077One feature that draws customers to web hosting providers is the ease with which they can setup their website. The fact that not everyone can hire a professional web designer or has a tech lab full of computer experts to create and upload a website makes it critical for the providers to offer their clients (even the ones with almost no IT knowhow) a way to create and upload their sites with ease.

Today, a good hosting provider will make sure that its clients have easy-to-use web site designing tools at their disposal as part of their hosting packages. In fact, it has become such an integral feature of web hosting that it’s often two-fold with their sales pitch: “You can build your own site and have it up and running within a matter of minutes.”

The problem is, seemingly all providers advertise having the best building tools. This makes it harder for clients to choose the right one for them. They’ll have to do some serious researching before they can settle for the one that they find easy to use.

To help address that problem, we will see two hosting providers that offer the best web building support tools in hope that it will cut down on research time. The hosting providers are iPage and inMotion Hosting which use the Weebly Drag and Drop Builder and Premium Website Builder, respectively.

iPage and Weebly

iPage is one of the internet’s highly profiled hosting providers today. They have been in the business for over ten years now and have steadily been given great reviews by clients and reviewers alike for most of the time they have been up and running.

iPage offers its customers the use of Weebly as a an easy web design tool. Although Weebly in itself is a standalone application that can be accessed and used from its own website, iPage has integrated it into its hosting services. This means clients can design their sites seamlessly, right from inside iPage.

As the name suggests, one thing that makes it easy to work with Weebly is that clients don’t need to have any programming or designing knowledge; and as long as they can click and drag-and-drop, they can create professional looking sites within a matter of minutes. Once clients have logged into their iPage control panel they can click on the “Weebly Drag and Drop Designer” button to start the designing process. They are then asked basic information regarding its title and the domain name under which the site will be placed (in case there are more than one domains owned by the client).

From then on, all the client needs to do is to select the options that are on offer (listed in column on the left) and apply them to the site’s outline on the right side of the tool. Templates, widgets, text posts, pictures, videos and much more can be added by simply dragging them into the website. When you’re happy with the results, all that is left is to simply save and publish the site. It will immediately be available for everyone to see.

inMotion Hosting and Premium Website Builder

inMotion Hosting is a company that regularly gets extremely good reviews. With a young and dynamic staff, that each has an average of half-a-decade’s worth of hosting experience under their belts, they provide a service that has managed to keep them ahead of the pack.

InMotion offers their clients the Premium Website Builder as the tool of choice when it comes to website self-building apps. This feature is optional and doesn’t appear in clients’ control panels unless they specifically install it from the Account Management Panel (AMP). Clients that opt to install the builder will be charged an additional fee; but, for those that aren’t sure whether or not they need the tool, inMotion has a separate testing page where they can go to play around with it before committing to a purchase.

Once the demo is started clients are asked what type of site they want to create: basic, blog or photo gallery. Next, the client chooses the appropriate template to be applied on the site. Everything, including the color schemes, banners, button style and site information (titles, subtitles, footers etc.) are customizable. Then clients select the pages that will be included on the site. Common pages like “Home”, “About” and “Contact” can be incorporated along with more advanced options like flash intros, blogs, e-shops and download pages. Regional settings, language options and numerical formats can also be set.

This is followed by the content. Clients fill in all the content on all the pages and once everything looks and feels fine, it is time to publish – simple as that.

But is that all?

As we have seen from the two hosting providers’ best website building support, the main purpose they serve is to make it easy for clients to create their own websites. But, that isn’t all – there are more advantages for opting to work with hosting providers that offer these types of tools:

  • Using website building tools eliminates the need of tech support. Any client that has created the website can simply go back, and using the same tools, edit the whole site to add and remove features.
  • There is no need for graphic designers. All images and textures are inbuilt in the design tools. With simple clicks and drags the clients can create the site that they feel expresses their business best. But this doesn’t mean that they are limited to what the tools offer – they always have the option of uploading their own customized images, logos and backgrounds.
  • Similarly, clients don’t have to worry about structures and templates. The tools offer designs that can be used to create anything from a single, one-page-site to much larger and complicated e-commerce sites that look like they have been designed by the best design team out there.
  • Clients will not have to worry about security breaches occurring due to poor programming. The tools they use and the features on the sites that they create have been tested by millions of users. Every process that runs on the websites has been used by another million of them.
  • The support doesn’t stop. In the rare chance that client finds themselves stuck with a problem, they can always turn to the hosting provider for help. This is in comparison with not being guaranteed support when it comes to dealing with an independent web designer.

Therefore, this shows that prospective clients usually have an advantage when opting to have their sites hosted by providers that have the best building support tools.



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