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How to Write and Maintain an Online Dating Profile

How to Write and Maintain an Online Dating ProfileYou sit down, join an online dating service and are now faced with a myriad of personal questions that you need to answer. How will you properly represent yourself without seeming boring or going on for too long? Let’s face it; it’s a fast paced world out there. Few people have the patience or the time to sit and read endless paragraphs about your personality. In order to maximize the amount of appropriate visitors that contact you through online dating services, follow these 7 steps below.

Be Informative:
Think about this scenario; a guy/girl sits down at the computer, signs on to their online dating service and searches for certain criterion that bring up your name. He/she then clicks through to your profile only to find that your age and location are missing. It’s extremely important that you fill out the entire questionnaire and answer the questions as thoroughly as possible. This way it’s easier for people to determine if your profile meets what they are looking for.

Add a Photograph:
Research has shown that putting a photograph in your profile increases the number of replies you’ll receive by 10 times. If you have more than one photo it’s even better. Wouldn’t YOU rather see what you’re date looks like before saying yes? Also, remember to upload a recent photo, and even update the photo every couple of months so there are no surprises when you meet in person. Try and give the same consideration to others as you would yourself.

Skip the Checklist:
Everyone has a checklist of things they would love their partner to have. However when writing a profile, try and skip this list. It’s nearly impossible to find someone with all the qualities you are looking for, and having this checklist may serve as a turnoff to someone reading it. After a few dates with a person, you can easily determine most of things on your checklist anyway. Why lessen your chances before you’ve even had a first date.

Don’t be Aggressive:
Sometimes you can’t tell the tone of a message when its text based. Even if you meant to be funny and cute, you should try and save the sarcasm and aggressiveness for your face to face interactions.

Be Truthful:
No one likes a liar; and it’s definitely not in your best interest to start off your relationship with a lie. Even if not all your attributes are positive there are ways to show yourself in a better light without lying. For example, say you would describe yourself as a neurotic person but you’d rather not publish that. It’s better to write you are an ‘overachiever’ than writing you are a relaxed person when indeed you are not. The person sitting at the other end of the table will be able to figure that out soon enough on their own. However, writing the word ‘overachiever’ puts your neuroses in a good light while maintaining your truthfulness.

Respond in a Timely Fashion:
If you are someone that is truly interested in dating then there is a cardinal rule you should know about. RESPOND QUICKLY! If someone contacts you, and you are not interested, you should give them the courtesy to know so they can move on to someone else.

Be Positive:
The more you project a positive attitude, the more people will be attracted to you. Make sure to smile in your photo and respond to replies in a cheerful way. Remember, sometimes getting a date takes some time, but if you stay positive everyone will benefit!

Writing a well thought out profile is something you’ll have to do if you want to successfully enter the world of online dating. It can be tedious and difficult, but if you follow the steps above, it will make the process more enjoyable and increase your chances of getting replies. Finding someone special takes times but once you find the ‘one’ you’ll say it was worth the effort!


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