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It’s Dating High Season. Here’s What You Can Do to Prepare

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It’s been dubbed the “Super Bowl Sunday for Love.” Recently, online dating giant Match.com predicted that Sunday, January 7th would be the busiest day for online dating in 2018.

According to Match.com, the platform was expecting a 42 percent increase in signups this Sunday, based on data that revealed a head-spinning 2.75 million messages were exchanged on the site the first Sunday of 2017. The best time to log on? Exactly 8:55 p.m, when the site is expected to be the busiest.

 ABC News, also recently reported that over 44 million Tinder matches were made on Dating Sunday last year, compared to around 26 million on an average day. If your mind isn’t already blown, Tinder also reports that roughly 10 percent of all swipes in January happen on the first Sunday alone.

But what if you missed that elusive 8:55 pm window on “Super Bowl Sunday for Love”? While there aren’t any figures available yet as to whether their predictions panned out, the first Sunday of the New Year tends to always see a surge in online dating activity. The good news is that this annual jump in traffic usually continues until February 14th.

So, if you’re looking to make good on the New Year’s resolution to kick-start your dating life, the odds are still in your favor. Here are a few tips that’ll help you make the most of this busy time of year.

1. Revamp your online dating profile.

If you’ve just completed a Doctorate in German Political Theory, but your online dating byline says, “I’m just a college dude that loves tacos, brewskis and babes” and features a photo of you smashing a beer can against your forehead at that one kegger you attended freshman year, you might want to take a moment to ponder whether your profile still feels authentically you. Even if your write up and photos are up to date, maybe there’s a new interest or hobby that you’ve recently become super passionate about that’s worth adding. When it comes to differentiating yourself from the pack, the more specific and authentic you can be, the better.

2. Shelve the selfies.

Is your profile 90 percent selfies, 75 percent of which are taken in cloudy mirrors or at bizarro angles? It’s time to switch things up. While there’s nothing wrong with a few selfies, it’s always good form to balance your profile with some photos that weren’t taken by you — for example, shots of you travelling, hanging out with a pet or doing another activity that you love. Don’t have any photos like this? Enlist the help of a friend to take a few shots of you.

3. Stop hiding.

Awesome single person, currently hiding under a pile of blankets, binge watching The Mindy Project and just hoping someone will stumble across your profile and make a move — I’m talking to you. Think of online dating like a party: everyone is there, but you’re not going to meet someone if you spend the whole time hiding in the bathroom. You need to get out there and try talking to people. Like a few people. Send a few messages. Fortune favors the people who put themselves out there.

4. Think of this as a fun experiment.

The theory behind why “Super Bowl Sunday for Love” exists is that singles feel a renewed urgency to find love in the New Year. While this may be the case for you personally, you don’t have to approach this time of year as the be-all-end-all of your romantic life. You don’t need to find your soulmate before February 14th. Instead, try to have fun and see how many people you can connect with.

5. Follow up.

Sure, it can be gratifying to receive a bunch of matches and messages, but online dating is pointless if you don’t bother to follow up with any of them. If someone messages you first and they seem interesting, make a point of messaging them back as soon as possible. On the flipside, if you match with someone, don’t leave their profile to sit and collect figurative dust – reach out. Strike while the iron is hot! Not only is it good dating karma, you get back what you put out there.




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