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More Ways to Boost Traffic to Your E-commerce Site

Recent statistics revealed that in 2017, e-commerce amassed over $2.3 trillion in sales with growth expected to top $4.5 trillion in 2021. By 2026, tech-savvy millennials and Generation Z consumers will demand most e-businesses provide instant access, round-the-clock accessibility, and fast turnarounds. So the challenge will be on small to medium e-businesses to ramp up their game if they wish to compete and survive in an increasingly competitive global marketplace. And that means doing whatever they can to boost traffic to their websites. Where to start?

Realize Reddit’s Potential

Reddit has become a very popular place on the Internet. Its main page aggregates today’s most popular content. But it also it also offers thousands of subreddit niches on virtually any topic. Some threads you might want to consider include the popular /r/entrepreneur subreddit. It has over 79,000 subscribers, as well as plenty of useful tips and on launching a business. There’s also the /r/smallbusiness thread, which offers a wide range of general business tips. The good news is that you’ll undoubtedly find a niche subreddit that matches your business needs. The key with Reddit is to keep your posts short and to the point, so the customers get a quick snapshot of your business and what it generally offers. Avoid excessive sales jargon but strive to make it memorable. If you need help, consult the Reddiquette guide to make sure you follow Reddit guidelines. Go granular and dig into guidelines for your subreddit. You’ll find these in the sidebar on the right side of the subreddit. Some subreddits forbid the use of promotional material. You can’t just use the copy from your ad and plug it in. Posting in the wrong place will get you low to zero uploads and may even result in Reddit banning you from their site.

Connect with Customers on Twitter

Start connecting with people on Twitter. Tweet about the topics that revolve around your e-business. Talk products or service. Offer advice in your field of expertise. Develop a population of real and hopefully loyal followers. Avoid buying followers though, as these are generally not real people but bots. And few people will believe you suddenly went from 50 followers to 50,000—unless you’re Beyoncé. Even if you only have a few hundred followers, it can make a difference. You might also try using Followerwonk, a handy tool that locates users in your industry or field. And don’t forget to tweet any news about your e-business—like opening days, sales events, and new products or services you’ll be offering. The underlying strategy here is to search Twitter for keywords related to your e-business and seek out ways to help potential customers.

Tap into the Power of Friends and Family

Sharing news about your online store with friends and family on Facebook can work if you do it sparingly and not sound like you’re advertising to them. You may also want to employ Upworthy, essentially a viral content mill that shares content found on other websites. Consider telling your extended family about your e-business, its products, and services. You may even want to offer friends and family a few free product samples.


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