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The Scoop on Koopa

With dozens of online dating sites to choose from, finding the right site may be almost as complicated as finding a mate.  If you’ve never tried online dating before, you may want to try a free online dating site to see if you’ll find your comfort zone in the world of online dating.  One place to start is Koopa, an online dating service based out of Barbados that serves millions of singles worldwide, including an impressive contingency of singles in the United States.

Koopa’s 3-step registration process is extremely easy and will enable you to start looking for a match immediately.   You should be aware, however, that the initial registration does not complete your user profile, something you may want to do to increase the relevance of people who contact you.  Still, if you prefer to contact others and to remain tight-lipped about yourself, you’ll appreciate the ability to search Koopa’s database with an incomplete profile.

Several things set Koopa apart from other online dating sites.  For starters, Koopa has an internal rating system that tells you where a potential mate falls on the ‘reputation spectrum’.  Every registrant starts in the middle of the spectrum.  The men’s spectrum ranges from ‘douche’ to ‘awesome’, while the women’s spectrum ranges from ‘awful’ to ‘exquisite’, depending on certain factors.  You can enhance your reputation by completing your profile, by getting responses from contacts on the site and logging in regularly.  Your reputation will be tarnished if you post inappropriate content, are reported by other members or earn negative awards.  Although Koopa’s reputation spectrum may not be as scientific an analysis as those offered by personality-matching sites, it does give users a quick peek into the veracity of a potential match, a feature which I found extremely value.

Another unique feature offered by Koopa is a random pairing web chat feature that allows you to invite other users to a video chat. Although not all singles feel comfortable using this form of communication, the option can be great for those who already met each other or those looking to take their relationship to the next level.

Koopa also integrates a news feed into its online dating site which updates users each time other users register or edit their profile.  This feature draws attention to users you may otherwise not encounter and makes it easy for you to connect with new members who may be looking for a mate with your qualifications.

Finally, Koopa has commendable privacy settings that enable users to conceal any of their information or block other users as they wish.  Likewise, Koopa allows users to control their email settings so that they can receive updates as frequently or infrequently as they wish.

There’s no question that Koopa offers a comprehensive mix of online dating services and social networking options.  If you’re looking to break out of your shell or to form a network with other singles, Koopa may be the right choice for you.  Happy socializing!


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