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Singles are More Open to Meeting People on Vacation

If you’re heading home for the holidays, you might want to consider striking up a conversation with the cutie sitting in the airplane seat next to you. Earlier this year, Plenty of Fish decided to take a look at dating while on vacation and found that 70% of singles are more open to meeting new people while traveling or on vacation.

In fact, when POF asked singles whether they’ve ever had a great conversation with a stranger on a plane, the majority of singles (52%) said YES!

Here are some other interesting figures. When asked “have you ever..” here’s what PoF users had to say.

●     Gone on a date while on vacation? 49% said YES

●     Had a fling on vacation? 40% said YES

●     Hooked up with someone on vacation? 38% said YES

●     Fallen in love on vacation? 22% said YES

●     Used a dating app to scope out other singles in a city you were traveling to? 46% said YES

So, while dating may not be top of mind when you’re traveling, meeting someone while on the go is actually quite common.

If you need further convincing, here are a few reasons why you should give dating while on vacation a chance:

  1. You’re more open to new experiences and people.

Have you ever had a conversation with the person in the seat next to you that was way deeper and more revelatory than what you typically discuss with your friends back home? That’s because when you travel you’re likely to feel more open to new people and experiences. Use this to your advantage. If you meet someone you find attractive, start a conversation. As the Plenty of Fish blog notes, “break the ice with someone next to you on the plane, or train, and ask them where they’re heading on vacation, whether they’ve been there before, and what they’re most looking forward to seeing or doing.”

  1. It doesn’t have to be just a fling.

If you’re hesitant to meet someone on vacation because you don’t want to get involved with a person you’ll never see again, think again. PoF found that people actually feel surprisingly optimistic about overcoming geographic barriers. A whopping 62% of singles would relocate for love! Ah, romance is alive and well.

  1. If it is a fling, that’s okay too.

While it would be nice if we all met the love of our life while traveling, that’s not always the case — and that’s totally okay. While 16% of singles said they’ve had a long-term relationship with someone they met on vacation, hooking up seemed to be much more common. Even if your holiday romance doesn’t last forever, doesn’t mean that it’s not worth having. Sometimes the shortest flings can teach you the most by helping you clarify what you really want from your love life back home. So, don’t discount a holiday romance!

Going on vacation or home for the holidays is not only great for taking a break from your everyday life; it’s also an opportunity to explore new things and people along the way.


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